It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or third time attempting a marathon. It is still an achievement. Even for those who have participated in one before, taking part in a marathon can still be highly exciting and a little scary at the same time. Knowing that you are about to get yourself into a whole load of running (42km to be exact), can be pretty unnerving no matter how experienced a runner you are.

So if you find yourself in any type of fluster in preparation for your marathon, take note of these points to get yourself in tip-top shape for the ultimate run.

#1 Follow a training schedule

The most important thing to note is that you should not start training for your marathon at the very last minute. You have to give yourself ample time (at least five to 6 months minimum), to practice for such a long run that is going to take a toll on your body after you have done it. Make sure you train religiously and are on track with your training plans according to your marathon goals.


Of course, if it’s your first time, keep your expectations realistic. Don’t try to complete the run in under three hours when the best you can do is five. At least for the time being.

#2 Go on long (or longer) runs

Training for a marathon also means that you need to make sure you are ready to go on running at a certain speed for, yes, 42km.

You can start off with 5km, then go on to 7km and subsequently increase your distance as your stamina improves. Pace yourself though. Don’t try and push yourself too much in such a short period of time or you may face burnout even before the actual run itself.

#3 Do cardio

Never ever forget to get some cardio into your training because doing so will help you boost your strength and endurance. In fact, you should understand that too much running can actually hurt your performance during the marathon so do spend some time in between your runs with some low-impact exercise like yoga, pilates or weight lifting.

#4 Be serious during your training

If you have set out to accomplish certain milestones for your training leading up to your marathon, then get that done. Make sure you achieve what you have set out to do in each and every training session you attend so that you can be sure you will be in the perfect form on the actual day itself.

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