Yay! For reviewing my favorite event so far. 🙂

Its my first time to try joining an event outside the city. I’ve been looking forward running through windy forests and mountains at night offered by the route of this event. Since I start to get bored with urban running: busy streets, flashing city lights, air pollution and risk for accident.

I registered with my dear friend because I think it will be a better experience if you shared moments together for the for the first time.


In the starting area, I found few people participating in the event, less than 400 I guess. I was used to participate in every race event that is full packed by crowd that you can’t even run freely on road even if the had per wave approach. I appreciate that the area is not that much crowded as I expected.

I paced my friend according to her fitness level and we have to keep running by buddy system because its much safer when running at night. Oh, before I forgot, head lamp and wearing high reflective gears are essential when going on a night run.

The race route kept me thrilled all through out. The best part was pitch black path with chilly wind touching my skin under the moonlight. Uphills were killing me but it didn’t stopped me to push through. The run was much bearable with the cold winds and fresh air. I had to hold up my pee for long because the portalet I’ve seen so far was only 4 and some of it were occupied. Hydrating areas never run out of water. They also encourage to bring your own hydration bottle to lessen waste.

I still cherish those moments when we were so tired but some of runners cheering us up, especially those in 42km that we come across along the road. It really boosts our morale to finish the race strong. I even witnessed some 42km runner being supported side by side by their friends just to finish the race. I can see pure, strong willed hearts finishing the race and it keeps me inspired to do the same. Even some of the event organizers had their own megaphones cheering us while riding on car and its kinda cool too.

There’s explainable feeling of addicting triumph after crossing the finish line with my buddy.

I think the event will improve by providing more portalets. 😀

One of the best event I’ve participated so far because of its quality(8/10). Quality of route, runners and prepared organizers. I look forward to participate again this year. <3


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