Some of us enjoy getting our workout done in the comfort of our own home. Then there are those who prefer to brave the outdoors and do all their exercising outside.

Regardless of which option you choose, there are pros and, well, relative cons of whichever you prefer.

Exercising at home

For those who lead hectic, busy lives that see no end to the deadlines of work, you may find yourself having only enough time to do a quick workout session at home before you take your bath and hit the sacks. Or you could just be lazy, like me sometimes.


Doing your jumping jacks and squats in your own living room can be just as fulfilling as anywhere else, as long as you leave your windows open to let the fresh air in. If you do a full 45-minutes Zumba set in front of your television, in the natural climate of the weather outside your window, you burn as much calories and sweat as much (trust me, you still do), as you would in a proper class setting. Also, there’s no worry about the weather conditions and you can do your workout any time, even when it’s storming outside.

But of course, working out at home also means possible distractions by your sofa, your pet(s), your family members and even food. You may either not be able to complete it or not do a proper set, which also means you don’t burn what you set out to.

Exercising outdoors

Sweating it outdoors also has its own set of good and not so good. The good thing about working out outdoors is that once you are out the door, you seldom turn back. And when most of us go for a run, or to do our cardio, outside, we are usually alone, giving us less distractions. Of course there is also the fresh air element you enjoy.

But, you are constantly at the mercy of the weather. If, like now, it constantly rains, you can’t really do much which may also cause you to either have to workout at home or not do anything at all. Exercising outdoors also means you have to deal with the traffic, both human and vehicular. Not too much of a big deal but sometimes, these aspects can serve to distract our routine more than anything else.

So which is better?

At the end of the day, there isn’t one option that is better than the other. It all lies with the choice you make and are comfortable with. While jogging may be a better sport to do outdoors, other forms of exercise like Zumba can easily be done at home. You burn practically the same amount of calories (as long as you don’t turn on the best portable air conditioner for your home while you are at it), and feel good about yourself after any of the exercises. What matters most is that you keep moving wherever you are!

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