Regular exercise is great. Great for the body, great for the mind and everything in between. Getting your sweat on at least three to four times a week can help to keep your bodily functions in check, achieve clear skin and of course, lose weight and keep it off.

Taking it too far

But then there are those who get a little carried away due to reasons not limited to weight loss and keeping up with physical appearances. These people probably started off with just wanting to lose some weight to look good and got obsessed with the idea in the long run.

Whatever the reason may be, over exercising has to be recognised as a real problem and can have adverse effects on one’s body and even mental stability. Being enthusiastic about working out is great but being overly so can be detrimental.


So how can exercising too much affect you? If you are wondering how much damage doing too much exercise can do to you, read on.

#1 You appear haggard

After the first 10kg loss, you may look awesome and feel the same way. But then you take it further and become a shadow of your old self. Your skin appears leathery and you become too thin for comfort. Your bones start to jut out too much and you look sick (because you probably are). You don’t look healthy anymore and people around you get worried. This isn’t the way keeping fit and looking good through exercise is suppose to be like.

#2 Your body starts breaking down

Keeping your body fit and healthy through regular exercise is essential. But when you over exert, your organs actually start to fail. They start to work less efficiently as before because of the tremendous amount of wear and tear they have been put through. You start falling sick more often and suffer from aches and pains you never had before. Your bones become weak and you may even find it hard to train even though you should be at your fitness peak.

#3 You lose focus on the more important things

Most people exercise to take the stress off from work or life in general. However, when it becomes an obsession, things can spiral downwards very, very quickly. All you want to do is hit the gym or go for that 10km run. Your mind starts getting cloudy from the over exertion and you begin to forget or miss out plans and things that you need to do. You lose track of your life because you place so much of it on exercising. In this case, it is not just your body that takes a beating. Your mental functions also get a big dent.

As with everything else, exercise in moderation and make sure you are in good health and keep a good weight. Doing more doesn’t always mean better. There’s really no need to suffer for the sake of beauty and end up making yourself worse for wear.

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