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On the surface, this phrase really does sound ridiculous.

However, if we think of our bodies as being analogous to a car, we’d see that the right petrol can drive up the car’s horsepower and longevity. Just like how we take care of our cars by giving them the best petrol, we can take care of our bodies with the proper fuel as well. Feed yourself properly and you’d also become healthier, stronger and faster!

Petrol or Diesel?

runner-track-starting-footYou won’t put cheap diesel into your BMW or Mercedes, right? Similarly, you need to feed your body with quality food. Those should be fibre-rich, whole grain food. Like how you wouldn’t want to pay tons and add poorly refined petrol into your good car, your body can also do with less preservatives and less processed food. As runners, you’d need to make sure you get sufficient carbohydrates (good ones like wholemeal sandwich and brown rice) and proteins (good ones too like lean meat and fish).

What’s the traffic light colour?

Photo Credit: The Paleo Logic
Photo Credit: The Paleo Logic

When you reach a junction, you’d stop at red and go only when the lights turn green (unless you couldn’t care less about paying the extra tickets). When it’s orange, you’re need to/supposed to slow down. Same with your nutrition! Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and reduced fat dairy products are always going to be green lights. Those that are lightly processed meat with a pinch of salt, white bread and white rice all fall into orange. Take them in controlled amounts! Those deep fried, chips and sweets are a blaring red. Avoid, avoid avoid!


Shell, ExonnMobil or Caltex?

Photo Credit: anishinaabemdaa
Photo Credit: anishinaabemdaa

How the food is prepared is as important as where it came from. For example, lean meat that is initially healthy becomes a RED LIGHT when it becomes deep fried. Similar to how you choose the petrol stations to go to (let’s ignore the fancy points you earn from pumping petrol), you need to be careful about how your food is chopped, seasoned and cooked as well.

So the next time you go out and buy something from the Pasar Malam, think. Are you putting in petrol or diesel? Or are you running a red light? Take care of your body because after all, you are your best investment!


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