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Let’s do a quick poll.

How many of you:

  1. Do you frequently feel bloated and uncomfortable? Or are you perpetually hungry, even though you have only just eaten?
  2. Are you getting at least 7 hours of sleep per day?
  3. Are you exercising for around 150 minutes per week?

If you’re answering no for at least one of the above question, you’re not allowing yourself to perform at your maximum potential.

It’s natural for runners to think that they’ve ran off those calories, and that they are entitled to a heavy bowl of Laksa. It’s also common for university students to contest at being the “best night owl.” But really, missing out on your part of your nutrition, rest and physical activity can contribute to overall reduction in wellbeing.



bad foods lose weightThe amount of calories one needs to take in is highly individual. It is also troublesome and unsatisfying to have to count calories. (There are better ways to keep track of your food intake). You’d want to just enjoy your hot dinner without having to worry about feeling sluggish and groggy.

What we’d suggest is to opt for healthier options such as brown rice instead of white rice, and wholemeal sandwich instead of a burrito. Order milo kosong or kopi-o kosong instead of the usual creamer and sugar-filled drinks. Do you know how much sugar there are in those?! If you feel hungry in between meals, have a small cup of fruits or milk. It’s okay to eat more frequently, especially if you exercise rather frequently. Most importantly, drink lots of water.


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You need at least 7 hours of sleep. There is such a thing has sleeping too much. What we would recommend is having a consistent sleep cycle. Get your body ready for rest at roughly the same time everyday. Switch off all lights and distractions (including your phone!). Then, stretch out on your bed and take a few deep breathes. If you’re the kind to have a very, very busy mind, you could prepare a small notebook beside your bed to jot down outstanding tasks that are bothering you. This way, you can be assured that you won’t forget them tomorrow!


Photo Credit: Telegraph
Photo Credit: Telegraph

You don’t need to be a triathlete or ultramarathoner to be considered healthy. In fact, those who go all out, all day might be neglecting rest days too much that it becomes unhealthy. Health Promotion Board recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. You should do a mixture of cardio (e.g. jogging, swimming, cycling) and strength training. Especially for our Singaporean workforce, who spends a lot of time at their desk, moving about would help reduce chronic back pain and rounded shoulders. If you’re just starting out, going for a 2.5KM or 5KM race is already fantastic! We even have tips on how to conquer your first 5KM race.

Whether you’re a student trying to get past finals this sem or a corporate success trying to get another promotion, these 3 are the very foundations to success. Don’t scrimp on any!



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