The right running shoes will definitely make a difference in your running game. Previously, like during my army days or in my 20s, I had tried running shoes brand such as Nike, Adidas, new brooks. Sadly these brand of shoes don’t suit me.

Running in them soon will cause bleeding in my toes, blisters etc a sign that the shoes are not my type. Soon my poly buddy friend recommend me to try the brand Asics and that how I am running on with this brand of gear.

My super long ago nike running shoes which were bought on impulse.


My first Asics running shoes bought from Queensway shopping centre. It is a GT2130 model and noticed how bald it became. Bad idea to keep running in that shoes. However these pair of shoes did help me to slim down and accompanied on my first 10km and 16.8km run.

So after realizing my GT2130 was too bald, I went and purchased the Gel nimbus 15 from Queensway shopping centre. However complacency and laziness, this shoes had been neglected in the shoes cupboard for long after my 2nd round to slim down and wedding.

And when I realized I am fat again, I dig out my shoes to run but unfortunately the shoes soles came off as shown below. I still use it to run but it just is not comfortable. So remember do not keep a shoes aside for too long.

And once again I decided to run for the sake of my health and body shape, I turned to Asics for help once again. So just before year 2016 began last year I bought a red Kayano 22.

The Gel Kayano 22 of Asics offers me the best cushion and protection for my foot and ankle and minimizing the impact of my knees. This shoes accompany me for my training to a better body shape, stamina and saw me through my 1st half Marathon 2xu in year 2016. Till then I still don’t know when is good to change a shoes for a new one. I did some research and experts recommend the change of the running shoes every 500km. Some experts recommend change like 650km or 700km . I clocked about 800+km for this running shoes which is a bad mistake as at times I do felt some knee caps aching.

After the red Kayano 22, originally Asics had this limited edition Metarun shoes which caught my eyes but it was sold out. It was sold at around S$300+ with hardly any discount. To be honest I bought this shoes on impulse. Regardless of shoes advert, nope this shoes does not help me to run faster. It is really base on it outlook that I buy it. The feel of this shoes felt light at first but after running and season in it, you will feel it is heavier than the kayano 22. However this shoes do accompany on my training for my newton run 32km and marathon run 42km in year 2016. I clocked about 640+ km on this shoes before deciding to retire this shoes. I had wanted to clock about 700+ km but I felt some kneecaps aching and hence the decision.

So what now for my run at the present moment?

I purchased yet another Asics Gel Kayano 22 for my current run. I had clocked about 50Km with it since this year 2017 start. I would love to buy Kayano 23 to run but on monetary sense, I felt the Kayano 22 is a better buy at about S$120+.

If you are still pondering which brand of sports shoes to buy why not try Asics shoes. There is no need to spend S$200- S$300 on a sports shoes.

Thank you Asics for your sports shoes.

Fatty out!


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