If your 2016 was filled with many a day hiding in the darkness and comfort of your office and home, you may want to take your weekends this year outdoors and into the sunlight.

But if you are scratching your brains out about the things you can do, here are some activities to consider.

#1 Movies and Concerts

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Instead of heading out to the cinema or sheltered theaters to catch your favourite movie or play, try enjoying one out in the open. Botanic Gardens constantly has a slew of theatrical acts that allow audiences to relax on the lawn and feast on a good picnic while taking in the performance.


Outdoor movies are becoming all the rage again in recent years and many nostalgic locations, even shopping malls, are opting to go down this memory lane. Movies can range from comedies to chick flicks to horror, depending on the theme of the event. You can either enjoy the screenings seated on a lawn or in your car. Hipster 60’s anyone?

#2 Food festivals and dinner parties

Besides the usual Pasar Malams we find sprouting up occasionally in our neighbourhood, you may have noticed many a themed food festival that have occurred over the last year or so all over the country. From Japanese food markets to curated food tasting events, we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to what we put into our mouths and stomachs.

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And then we have the outdoor dinner parties. When Diner En Blanc came onto the scene, everyone just went crazy over the concept. Still increasingly gaining in popularity even after so many years, it has seen an explosion of other types of themed outdoor dinner parties that you have to try to know what all the hype is about.

#3 Sports events

Make 2017 the year you and your loved ones get fit and healthy in the great outdoors together! Take part in the various running events and plan weekend mornings or evenings to be spent outdoors working out.

From hiking to running to doing vertical marathons, the list of such events has increased exponentially over the years, giving you a whole lot of choices and also several opportunities to put on your running shoes and go get the exercise you need.

Not only will you achieve your fitness goals, but you will also create a stronger bond and a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family and friends.

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