Obviously being the humans that we are, we are inclined to go with life options that are easier and not as stressful. But what happens when we become too comfortable is that we become complacent, and ultimately deemed useless to our ever-evolving society.

So in 2017, perhaps you may want to consider doing the things that you have put off doing for so long and put yourself to the challenge. See how far you can take it and thereafter, how much further you can bring it.

So what are the advantages of challenging ourselves?

#1 A stronger You

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And I mean it in all sense of the word. If you choose to step out of your comfort zone to elevate yourself mentally in your job or to learn a new skill, you will realise how mentally strong you can be. If you choose to push yourself to exercise more and attempt new workouts, you will find out how physically strong the human body can be.


#2 Put things in perspective

When you challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit, it will also open your eyes to varying ways of looking at situations around you. Your perspective of everyday things may change because you finally understand that achieving what you desire is not always so easy and we all have to work hard for it.

#3 Conquer our fears

Challenging oneself to get over one’s fears can also be a very good thing. When we agree to put ourselves in the way of our biggest fears, we are also telling ourselves that we are actually stronger than that. It may even make you realise that all along, your fear was nothing to be afraid of.

#4 We become better people

Not just physically and mentally, but also as a human being in general. People who are confident, strong and yet genuinely nice to those around them are the ones who are truly the strongest because they themselves have been put through enough challenges to know everyone deserves kindness.

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The bottomline is, when we put ourselves in the line of fire and challenge ourselves to outdo our own selves, we are actually making ourselves stronger and more hardy in the long term, whether it’s for work or play. It is only after you find out how far your mind and body can take you that you will appreciate every little thing that life gives to you thereafter.

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