As much as I enjoy dining out at hawker centres, cafes and restaurants occasionally, I am a big fan of home cooked food. Although some of you may not like the fuss that comes with having to clean utensils and cutlery thereafter, home cooked food is, without a doubt, much healthier. Why? Because we get to decide how much oil and salt we want to use.

Home cooking


I cannot speak for everyone because I grew up having dinner at home almost every night and I literally looked forward to every single one of them. My mum was an awesome cook and she could dish up my favourite fish, brinjal and tofu dishes in a snap, with them tasting really good at the same time. But of course not everybody feels the same way because obviously no two persons can have the same experiences right?

Aside from the health factor, home cooked food is definitely cheaper because you purchase all your groceries in bulk. You cook a portion at a time so a one-time grocery shopping spree can probably last you for at least a week. You can also control the amount of food you need to cook, which helps if you are not intending to overindulge or are on a diet.


And home cooking lets you enjoy a meal in the comfort of your home with your family members. Isn’t this a good enough reason to dine at home?

Eating Out


And I’m not saying that eating out is a bad thing. Eating out allows us to experience different sorts of cooking styles and cuisines in different kinds of environments and ambience. There are some meals that have to be enjoyed on site to get the full dining experience.

Having meals out is also relatively fuss-free because you don’t have to think about clearing and cleaning your utensils and cutlery. In fact, you don’t even have to prepare your own food.

So… how?

At the end of the day, I believe that there should be a good mix of eating outside food and dining at home. Getting a quick meal at a hawker centre or giving yourself a treat at a café or restaurant once in awhile is still not too bad, as long as you are mindful of the food that you consume. But try and make yourself home cooked meals as much as you can. I’m pretty sure you will see, and perhaps even feel, the difference.


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