It’s that time of year again- the biggest races of the year are imminent! Whether you’re doing a full or half marathon, 10k or 5k race these tips might just help you to a better time and a more enjoyable race!


1) Sleep and rest well.

Coming up to the race it’s important you get good rest for your body to recuperate after your preparation runs and to be fresh. As a general rule your last long run should be around two weeks before race day and you should taper down from there.

2) Increase your carbohydrate intake.

Notice I did not mention ‘’carboloading’’! – often people overindulge the week before a race leaving the body working hard to process the change in diet and feeling sluggish. A small and gradual increase in carbs (exact quantity depends on how long your race is) starting a week before will improve glycogen stores for use on the big day.



3) Go for a ‘’shakeout’’ run the day before.

Yes, I did say to rest well but a light 15-20 minute jog is a great way to keep your muscles loose, get the blood flowing and increase your confidence for the next day.

4) Drink up.

Start hydrating well the day before the race so that by race day you only need to maintain your already good hydration.


Race day

1) Wake up bright and early.

You want to get there at least 60 minutes before the race to physically and mentally prepare. Also you need to make sure your pre-race breakfast is at least 2-3 hours before you start running.

2) No flashy new kit.

Now is not the time to break in a brand new pair of trainers or try a hot new pair of shorts that may cause nightmare chafing!

clothes running gear

3) Food and drink- don’t overthink!

Often people stress about what special pre-race meals they should be having but the best policy is to just to keep doing what you’ve been doing before all your previous runs. Your body doesn’t like change and won’t be able to cope with heavy carbs or a huge influx of liquid if it hasn’t been conditioned to do so.

4) Stay hydrated.

This could not be more important than in Asia. You will lose a lot of fluids as you run and these need to be replaced. (This does not mean you should stop at every drinks station however- having a belly full of liquid does not make for a comfortable run!)

Photo Credit: She Knows
Photo Credit: She Knows

And most importantly- enjoy the day! There’s nothing like race day atmosphere and buzz. When the going gets tough just think of how amazing it will be to cross that finish line- regardless of the results.



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