If you are one of those who prefer an exercise routine that does not involve having to run, climb or swim, then yoga may just be the thing for you. In fact, yoga has become sort of a “fashionable” form of exercise that not only gives your body the workout it needs (yes, you do sweat and feel sore after a yoga session), but also induces relaxation in your mind and body too.

But because it has become “hip”, some people do it without knowing the benefits yoga can do to their bodies. Here are some reasons why you should consider doing yoga.

1. Increased flexibility

yoga exercise

Perhaps the first and most obvious improvement you will notice will be your flexibility. This is because in yoga, many of the moves involve contorting your body in ways you never thought possible but is. This increased flexibility actually helps to improve your posture and helps to relief body aches.


2. Improved respiration

Your yogi will teach you to breathe properly which leads to a relaxed mind and body. This helps to relieve your anxieties, releases tension and allows your body to chill out, literally. And when you are able to breathe easy, you will notice your energy levels increase which will lead to productivity and positivity in your life.

3. Weight reduction


Ladies, you will definitely like the sound of this. If you have noticed, most people who are yoga fanatics tend to be really slim. As much as you may not believe it, yoga works many of our core muscles and increases our muscle strength and tone in the process. Regular sessions will allow a maintenance of your metabolism and with a healthy diet, you lose weight pretty quickly. Trust me, it looks easy but it sure isn’t!

4. Improved athletic performance

It doesn’t mean that if you do yoga, you can only do yoga and no other exercises. In fact, because a session of yoga works almost or even as well as a session of cardio, most yoga enthusiasts are able to take on and acclimate to other forms of workouts rather quickly. You will be surprised to see yourself easily completing a training circuit with enough yoga sessions under your belt.

5. Protection from injury


For those of you who want to exercise but experience pain or discomfort in your joints, yoga is the best way to go. Apart from all the benefits listed above, practicing yoga also prevents you from getting or worsening any aches and pains on your body since there is no need for you to be running and jumping. And there isn’t a time limit to yoga. You can take it as slow as you want, at your own pace and comfort, and still reap the same benefits as per any yoga session.


  1. My daughter is wanting to start doing a yoga class with me this March! I am glad the article made me aware that regular sessions will allow a maintenance of your metabolism and with a healthy diet, you lose weight pretty quickly. We will be sure to talk with an expert to see when we can start classes!


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