Everyone knows the good that running regularly can do to you. And it really doesn’t matter when you run and where you run. As long as you are moving your feet and doing it at least 3 to 4 times weekly, you are in good shape.

Besides it being relatively a cheap sport (cheap because you don’t have to pay for a gym membership or exercise classes), it can also be done any time and any where you like. So then what are the health benefits of running?

1. Keeps your heart and lungs strong

When you run, you work your entire body and your heart and lungs are pushed to its limits. You ensure that your arteries are kept unblocked and your stamina is improved as your heart learns to pump more blood faster around your body and your lungs are able to hold out for longer distances.

2. You lose weight

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Obviously, if you run regularly, you start losing the fat in the entirety of your body. If you have noticed, runners are usually a very slim bunch. The longer the distance you cover in one run, the more calpries you burn and the better you will look physically.


3. Your bowels work better

As much as consuming lots of fibre works well for your regular bowel movements, running also somehow does the trick. When your body is constantly being worked out rather strenuously, it regulates everything function in our body, including our intestines and thus our bowels. This is very crucial for weight loss and also the general health of our body.

4. Better appetite


It sounds oxymoronic to say that you will have better appetite and yet still lose weight (sounds like a dream for anyone!), but running really does this to you. You will be able to eat better and also develop a taste for food that is healthy and good for you. Surprising, but true.

5. Reduced stress and tension

Many people run at the end of the day to rid themselves of the stresses of the busy work day. This will also aid in better sleep which will result in more energy to start the new day afresh. Stress and anxiety are often at the root of many illnesses, so minimizing these goes a long way in improving your overall health and wellness long term.

6. Your skin and hair will glow

Credit: 123RF.com
Photo credit: 123RF.com

Healthy skin, nails, and hair are another good thing that comes from regularly running. When you sweat, you detox the nasty stuff from your body and because of that, you will glow physically. Nothing beats having a svelte figure complete with clear skin, beautiful nails and hair, especially when you are going on a date or a night out.


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