Most of us love to eat. With our wide array of cuisines, we are constantly spoiled for choice on the types of food we can choose from for each of our meals.

In recent years, buffets have been super popular, especially among the youth because of the value-for-money and eat-all-you-can concept. This springs the problem of us overeating because we feel that we aren’t making the best use of the amount we have spent if we don’t eat everything. In fact, we should only be eating until we are 75% full, not even a 100%. Why? Here are the reasons.

1. Bloated and ill

You will notice that when you overeat, or even eat till you are entirely full, you tend to start feeling uncomfortable from the overstuffing. Then you may feel nauseous and ill. These symptoms are common when people attend buffets and cannot control their food intake. If you cannot imagine your own stomach being filled to the brim, imagine filling a balloon with water. As the water goes into the balloon, it inflates and inflates until it eventually bursts. Our stomach will not burst but it will be expanded to the point of discomfort, and that’s where our ill feelings come from.

2. Overeating can disrupt our sleep

Woman suffering insomnia


You may be really tired but because you had too much to eat at dinner, you can’t seem to go to sleep properly, tossing and turning and feeling some sort of discomfort in your tummy whenever you attempt to move. This is a sign that you have overeaten and your body probably hasn’t had enough time to digest the food properly before you put yourself to bed. The tiredness comes about because all our blood has gone to our stomach for the digestion of all that food. And it is especially unhealthy to overeat at dinner because our stomach will not have enough time to digest all the food before you head to bed. It can not only cause us to feel uncomfortable. It can also cause us to have terrible nightmares and wake up feeling sloppy.

3. Lack of energy


It’s not only during dinner that we should not be overeating. Especially on the weekdays, eating too much during lunch can cause an epic slump right after because of the same reasons mentioned in the point above. You will find yourself very unproductive and sleepy and this is definitely not a good thing when you are stuck in the office where your actions are always being monitored.

4. It affects your health

At the core of it all, your health gets greatly compromised with continuous sessions of overeating. Getting your stomach up to 75% full will make you feel comfortable and just nice. Anything more than that will just cause more harm to your overall internal system and energy levels.


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