If, for some reason, your lifestyle does not warrant you an exercise time slot in the mornings, the next best alternative would be to do it in the evenings. As much as some athletes may dismiss the idea, there are also good reasons to get that body moving after the sun has set.

There are several reasons why some people aren’t able to commit to morning exercise routines and the topmost one is that they aren’t able to pull themselves out of bed. So if you are only able to manage a workout session in the evenings, the best time to do so, according to some experts, would be between 5pm to 7pm, preferably just before your dinner.

Then there are reasons why exercising between these times will be beneficial.

1. You are awake

In comparison with dragging yourself out of bed at 5am to go for your run where half of you may probably still dreamland, your entire person should be fully awake and in working order by the evening. This can lead to less injury, even if you engage in a really tough workout.


2. Stress relief


This is a big motivator for those who choose to work out in the evenings after work. After a long day in the office dealing with heaps of work, clients and colleagues, some of us just need a respite and that comes in the form of a good 30 to 45-minute run around the estate or the gym. Engaging in some form of exercise to eliminate stress keeps you healthy and happier, a far better option than getting that beer at happy hour!

3. More exercise classes available in the evenings

The gyms know that most people will be more available to go for that kickboxing class only after work hours and so, you will discover that many such classes are available between the times of 6pm until 8pm during the weekdays. This will give you more choices of the types of classes you can attend and also give you the encouragement to go for the class, especially if the gym is located close by.

4. Finding a workout partner is easier


If you are the kind who needs a partner with whom you can consistently be motivating each other to exercise, then it is definitely easier to find someone to do so for evening workouts as compared to a 5am run.



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