With my family and friends

Falling and Standing up

I want to get rid of the excess weight I am carrying around for years. I used to run everyday and lost 30 lbs, but never maintained it. My starting weight was 176 lbs and I lost a few pounds and reached 145 lbs! Huzzah! as a reward I ate 3 slices of cake, thinking that I will burn it again on my next run. I kept rewarding myself of unhealthy stuff and here I am now, 33 pounds overweight.

I wasted my time and effort by caving in to my weakness. I gained all the excess weight back plus 2 more pounds in just a month. I felt so low and stupid. Lost all my motivation to take care of myself. Disappointed and depressed, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. I only see a woman who failed at everything.

I realize that I will never achieve anything when I sulk about my past failures. My family believes in me. They don’t care if I am overweight or fit. They only want a person who can take care of them and love them unconditionally. But how can I give love or take care of them if I can’t even take care of myself?


Finding My Motivation

How can I make myself motivated? By making myself accountable. I saw a link on JustRunLah Facebook page that they are looking for runners who also loves to write. I signed up and got accepted and here I am now. Motivated and have the desire to turn my life around.

I will start slowly by following this 8-week program at my blog Enchanted Kettle and eating healthier by writing a food journal.

Well, wish me luck! I got to run and get rid of this excess weight! I will keep you posted with my progress!


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