For those of us who are used to being active, it’s no secret that we are always on the move in some way or another. Whether it’s walking to and from the toilet, to wiggling around in our chairs, we just need to move. That is why we cannot sit still for two straight hours to watch a movie. True story.

But you know how it is with weekday lunches. You go out with your colleagues, grab whatever you can closest to you and then head straight back to the office, sit yourself down and let all that energy go back into toilet breaks and wiggling at your table again. It’s not enough to let out all that pent up energy for sure so for those who are yearning to do something a little more strenuous during your lunch break, here are 3 things you can attempt.

1. Take a long walk


Instead of going back to that usual lunch spot, why not take a walk to that shopping mall that you have wanted to go to but have been putting off due to the distance? In our kind of weather, a 10 to 15-minute walk will do us some good as we sweat and get our muscles and body working. This also helps to get rid of all that energy that we needed to flush out so that we can focus and concentrate when we are back in the office. A little tired, yes, but definitely more focused on getting work done.


2. Take up an exercise class close to your office


Many workout institutions (I mean gyms, yoga schools, etc), have been sprouting up near office populated districts to make working out that much easier for us. You can opt to go for their lunch time exercise sessions to make the best use of your hour. Some of them even come with a light lunch so you don’t have to worry about setting aside time for a quick bite after your class. Depending on where your office is located, you can choose from yoga to Zumba to even muay thai or boxing!

3. Choose to eat healthy


If going for classes or taking some time to walk a little further is not doable for you (some companies have very strict lunch hours, I can understand that), the next best option is to eat healthy. Especially if you are in highly sedentary job, having less carbs and protein during lunch may be a good way to ensure you don’t overeat and you don’t start feeling sleepy at the mid-day mark.



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