If you trawl through the internet, you will find many different views on either one. Some runners will claim shorts are what they prefer while others swear by compression tights for other reasons. Then, there are those who say that compression tights are more suitable for professional runners and shorts are better for the beginners. Regardless of your preference, it seems that there are good reasons to prefer one over the other. Here are some points for you to ponder about if you are deciding between one.

1. Comfort

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Personally, I prefer shorts over tights any time because of my sensitive skin that can only feel comfortable in cotton material. Tights make my skin itch badly after I take them off and no amount of scrubbing or scratching can ease it. However, taking into consideration that I am a leisure runner, tights may be a better option if you are someone who does 20 kilometres a day and participates in long distance runs many times a year. Go for full leg compression tights as those help to alleviate the soreness in your lower leg after an especially hard run. Sometimes, shorts can cause chaffing and keep riding up between your thighs which can be a big distraction. In our kind of weather, it is always recommended to keep dry and comfortable in whatever running apparel you choose.

2. Peak performance

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When you are running, you want to be able to go the distance with as little distractions as possible. While shorts may be lighter and looser fitting, it may cause hindrances like riding up and getting stuck in places you don’t want it to. Compression tights allow for better and more fluid movement as it clings to your legs and lets you run without the worry of it moving to any other part of your body during the whole route. However, this is also highly dependent on how comfortable you are with tights and if you are one of those who still insists on wearing loose shorts during short or long runs.

3. Convenience

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While most of us prefer to be free of any baggage when we run, there are those who have to bring along their house keys and mobile phones with them. Some have resorted to tying their keys to their wrists in a bracelet, sticking them into the mobile phone armband or even carrying a small haversack with them. These options are all viable, although in recent years, sports shorts have been developed with pockets that are rather cavernous and can be zipped up to prevent anything from spilling out when you run. It is highly impossible for tights to have pockets, much less ones that are big enough for your necessities.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you prefer. There are no outstanding objections or approvals to either one apparel and if you decide to choose one over the other for whatever reason, it’s really up to you.


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