Most of us have been on some form of a diet at least once in our lives, regardless of what the diet regime is for. Many desire to lose weight, some want to build up muscles and a few yearn for those extra kilogrammes to their frame. Whatever the goal may be, a major component of the process includes our diet. It is said that although 20 per cent of your final result is based on exercise, 80 per cent is dependent on the food you consume. So comes the big question. Does dieting work?

The answer is, of course. And it’s really not all about the amount of food you consume. What dieters need to take note of is the kind of food they consume instead. Here are some things you need to know to make sure your dieting process is successful.

1. Don’t starve yourself.

Many people have the misconception that if you don’t eat, you don’t put on weight. In reverse, your body actually will decide to store the fat for longer because it doesn’t know when the next food intake will be. The fat in our bodies is used to generate energy and also safeguard our organs and keep us warm. You will notice that your weight may either stay the same or even rise even though you are not putting food into your body.

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2. Be mindful of the type of food you eat.

Consume more vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fibre to get your body system in good working order. Clean foods serve to detox your body and makes you feel lighter when you do your exercises too. It’s a win-win situation for those who want to lose weight.

3. Make sure you get all your necessary vitamins and minerals and keep hydrated.

Many times, in a bid to lose the pounds, some people forget to drink enough water or choose to eat foods that may cause a lack in certain kinds of vitamins that is required for our bodies to function properly. Do try and take supplements and drinks lots of water to ensure your body is working at its best and giving you the best feeling every single day.

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4. Move whenever you can.

Be it an additional five to 10 minutes walk to work in the mornings or a slow walk home after, every move counts. If you feel that actually working out or jogging isn’t your thing, it is highly recommended to go for a 30 minutes walk around your neighbourhood or workplace (if you can afford the time), before dinner time as that is the best time to lose the pounds. If perseverance isn’t your best virtue, grab a buddy to join you!

5. Cut out as much alcohol and cigarettes as you can.

If possible, stop imbibing any of these. Cocktails can contain lots of hidden sugars and the alcohol will dehydrate your system of its necessary water content. Cigarettes introduce a whole lot of disgusting poison into your system like tar and nicotine which your body will have to work extra hard to get rid of. This not only tires and wears out your body and organs, but also gives you bad breath and body odour which is definitely not pleasant when you are dealing with others around you. Even though it is believed that smoking actually increases your metabolism because your heart rate increases, it is not the kind of diet anyone should desire to go through.


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