How many of us enjoy plugging in when we run? I know I definitely do. As much as some prefer to hear their own breathing for pacing and take the time to admire the scenery and going-ons around you when you run, others like myself like to immerse ourselves in our own little world for that hour or so to take our minds away from the rest of society for a while and have some time for ourselves.

But while having some me-time is good and all, there are other benefits of running with music and of course, some not so good reasons for doing so too.


– Full concentration

When you are plugged in, everything else around you melts away and if you are one of those who like to get away from it all during your runs, this is a great way to do it. Listening to music helps to keep you focussed on the path and not get distracted by passersby and the like.

– Going the distance



It’s rather amazing that when you run with music, you actually can go for longer distances without realising it at times. Because you are so tuned out from the other things happening around you, you just keep going until you feel entirely exhausted. I do that all the time and even sing along to certain songs to keep me entertained and so many times, I have accomplished longer distances than I started out to.

– Keep you focussed on happier things

As much as running can be enjoyable to some people, some consider it a chore. They do it because it is probably the easiest and most fuss-free way to stay in shape and in good health but if given a choice, they would rather not do it. Listening to music helps to keep your mood alleviated during your runs, especially when you are tuning in to your favourite ones. It’s always highly recommended to have a soundtrack of the songs or music you enjoy the most to keep you motivated during your run.


– Road safety

There have been so many cases of runners getting knocked down by vehicles or crossing roads while plugged in and being in danger’s way. Being plugged in can also result in you not paying attention to the traffic situation and this can get you into a lot of trouble and pain. Always look out for traffic especially when you are listening to music on your runs.

– Throwing caution to the wind

Photo Credit: Jennifer Tarr

There is a reason why the authorities constantly advise runners to not do it late at night and along areas where there is not much light and people. Danger could be lurking at any corner and if you choose to plug in, you might not even realise that there are suspicious characters following you. This is super dangerous as it usually results in crimes that you may have avoided if you were in tune with your surroundings.


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