So, you are dating an avid runner. Like many other types of people, runners also have certain quirks that they develop over time as they get more and more involved in the sport. If you are a runner yourself, you may not notice them but if you aren’t, here are some things you may be able to relate to as a partner of a runner.

1. Their fridge is always filled with healthy snacks, carbs and energy drinks.


You may not be staying with your partner but when you go over to their place and open the fridge to get a snack or a drink, all you see are foods that will aid them in their runs. Energy bars, protein shakes, fruits, yoghurt, fish, you name it, they have all the healthy options in it. And sometimes, they even portion their snacks so that they don’t overindulge so there may be times you have to ask them for the un-portioned bag of nuts for your own enjoyment.

2. Running is the best sport ever!

Most runners stand by their believe that running is the best way to lose the pounds, get healthy and fit and at very minimal or no cost at all. You may be accustomed to hearing them talk about all the benefits of running and how YOU should also join them one day. It’s not a cult though, don’t worry. We just really want you to see the reason behind our love for the sport.


3. They have more running apparel than anything else in their closet.


You may only see them in a proper dress or outfit if you guys are going out on a proper date. Otherwise, you will have to contend with, you guessed it, running apparel which makes them look like they are about to go for a run anytime soon. Runners feel most at home in their sports gear and if you have dated one for long enough, it should be apparent.

4. They arrange their schedules around their running time.

Many runners are usually rather unwilling to miss their daily run for something else that they may not deem as important. Dating a runner means you will have to work in his or her running schedule into your plans which isn’t all that bad considering the entire duration from run to bath is probably just about two hours?

5. If they don’t answer your call at a certain time, you know what they are doing.


It isn’t difficult to guess what your runner partner is doing if he or she does not answer your call for at least an hour at a certain time each day. Runners don’t like to be distracted by phone calls and text messages, although we do take our phones with us when we go for a jog just in case. For those who have been in a relationship with a runner for awhile, you know what I mean. For the uninitiated, if your runner boyfriend or girlfriend has told you about his or her running schedule, do refrain from calling them incessantly during that time.


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