I run because it tests my limits. I run because running adds colour to my life. I run because it brings me alive. Runners have different reasons as to why they started their running journey. So what kind of runner are you?

1. The Release Stress Runner

Busy man running

Running is the most potent yet most underutilized anti-depressant. On the flip side, we have food being the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug. Congratulations if you’ve achieved enlightenment and chose running! We run because, for some inexplicable reason, running is the most relaxing part of our day. We’re in it for the endorphins – our drug of choice!

Oh, and because it is cheaper than therapy!


2. The ‘RUN TO EAT MORE’ Runner

young man have a great desire to eat a burger

It’s not like we get a free pass to eat anything we want, you know! It’s not that we’re overweight, but, we still feel guilty having that McChicken with large fries. It’s not that we need to lose weight, but why have only one slice of cheesecake when we can have three? So we try to outrun our guilt, to be able to have more of that sinful [insert sinful food] with a peace of mind. You can’t deny that morning brunch just tastes better after your LSD run. It’s because you know you earned the reward.

3. The Trophy Face Runner

athletes celebrating professional 100m

No trophy, No Sign Up! We potentially come in top 10 and we have a trophy shelf to fill. You know how some people collect stamps, we don’t judge! So similarly, don’t judge us for collecting trophies. We have a good eye for good-looking exclusive trophies.


young healthy lifestyle woman running at sunrise beach

Let’s admit it, most of us start running to shed some pounds. At some point in our life, we realize that the beer belly or the additional post-pregnancy weight needs to go! We really want to slip back into that bareback dress that got eyes turning. We want to fit into our jeans without a tummy hanging over! We lace up our shoes, we run, and we are now runners. We will bring sexy back! Slowly, but surely!

5. The Midlife Crisis Runner

new life, concept

We commend ourselves for choosing running to deal with our midlife crisis instead of buying a convertible car or dying our hair purple. If we look at the numbers, it certainly seems that there is possibly a global pandemic of midlife crises going on. Yes, we decided to have a lifestyle overhaul. We’re into the most hipster diet, and we’re into proving ourselves, to ourselves. We run, to challenge our own limits and capabilities. Of course, occasionally we’d like to show off to our buddies how we fare better than them in this sport. We’re the cool gang of people in running. We enjoy rubbing our success in everyone’s face.

So, why do YOU run?

Whatever reason you’ve started running for, welcome to the greatest sport on earth!


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