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image I was already looking forward to the next run by Gei Gei Running Club since their last run about 2 months back. I think there is no run last month because of Sundown Marathon as many runners will be going for the run. This is my 4th run with Gei Gei Running Club and this time the theme of the run is super fun! It is the Superhero run!


At first I was really keen to cosplay as Sailormoon but for the sake of other runners eyes and not to vomit out their breakfast, I will need to lose some kgs first 😂 My elder sister is very cute, a few days ago when I was telling her that I am going for this Superhero run and she suggested I can go as myself and tell people that I’m Mystique 😂😆😅


Just nice that next week is the Batman Vs Superman Run and yesterday was the REPC, so Sabrina and I decided that we are going to wear the BVS running singlet to the Gei Gei Superhero run. But I was quite disappointed with the singlet size, the cutting is so small! I took M and wanted to change to L or XL but they say that there is no more stock 😔 But Sabrina went back again and she managed to change her singlet size and asked me whether I would want to go down to change the size. But I was too tired from Friday night because I went drinking, I didn’t even go to pole class as I’m still feeling nauseous so I guess well this is another motivation to tone myself up 😂 Still manage to squeeze in the singlet but is tight fitting, I love to wear loose clothings so I can hide my fats 😆

The run is about 9km today and we meet at Stadium station as the meeting point and we ran to Marina barrage and back. The weather is good today, cooling with no sun 😊


Before the run, “Captain America” gives a speech and said something about Run Slow is to Run Fast. Which is very motivating because I’ve always run slow, no matter how fast I want to run, I’m still slow which I sometimes feel quite disappointed with my speed. And runners really do inspires, encourages and motivates runners 😊 Throughout my running journey in this 2 years I’ve also learnt that running is not entirely about speed, it is also important to enjoy the run, to run happy 😄

Honestly speaking, I am still feeling quite hangover till now since Friday night’s drinking session, I didn’t really get enough rest and sleep since Friday night. Although previously I had tell Sabrina I would try to chiong and catch up with her pace but my body condition is not good so I sort of did a walk-a-jog luckily got Weishan to accompany me. Although I didnt really drank a lot but I don’t know why my tolerance level for alcohol is so low this time. But still, I’m already looking forward to the next drinking session with these awesome people 😁


Many people dressed up to the theme, there is Spiderman, Hulk, Robin, Ironman, Catwomen and many more 😁 Suddenly many people got “6 pack” and “8 pack” 😆 Achieving 6 pack is my dream since many many many years ago but still didn’t manage to achieve it yet 😂 It needs a lot of discipline to achieve it, but I will be satisfied when I have firm abs, very good enough already 😆

image image Today there is much more children than usual coming with their daddy to the run. It’s so sweet! You don’t need a costume to be a superhero, good dad are kid’s superhero too! And Happy Papa Day! 😄 I’m sure the kids also had fun and enjoyed themselves seeing so many of the superheroes around 😊 It is another fun and enjoyable run well done by Gei Gei running club! 👍🏻 Wonder what will be their next run’s theme, maybe Halloween? It’s Halloween soon and the Movie Conjuring is so popular now? 😆

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