Started in 2011, Run & Raisin’ is an annual charity run and carnival organised by TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA). This year, it aims to raise $250,000 to benefit some 570 needy children and families. In addition, Run & Raisin’ hopes to increase public awareness of TYA’s work in the community, as well as promote family bonding and a healthy lifestyle.

What Is TYA?

TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA) is a service of TOUCH Community Services, a not-for-profit charitable organisation. The work of TOUCH started in 1986 as a service for latch-key children in the neighbourhoods of Clementi and Jurong, helping those from low-income and single-parent families that are struggling to make ends meet. Today, this simple attempt to make a difference has become a multi-service organisation with an integrated network of 17 services, 14 centres and 23 children’s clubs located across Singapore.

Why Is It Important?

The funds raised from Run & Raisin’ goes a long way in helping TYA maintain the year-round activities and weekly programme with the children. Every Saturday, the volunteers run a variety of activities for children at the 23 clubs across Singapore. The line-up of activities include academic coaching, mentoring, art and craft lessons, indoor and outdoor games, outings, camps, adventure sports programmes, and even family-bonding activities.


“I enjoy going for tuition and other activities at TOUCH Young Arrows because the jie-jies and kor-kors always teach me to love others and help me to become more confident. Now I no longer have stage fright.” 12 year-old Liu Xun

Every Child Matters

For most parents, our children are everything to us: our hopes, our ambitions, our future. Our children are cherished and loved. But sadly, not all children are privileged enough to enjoy a great childhood like other kids. Very often, children from low-income or single-parent families have little or no parental care and are at risk of falling into bad company. TYA steps in to help these children realise their potential through educational, social, emotional and moral support.

Support this meaningful cause by signing up for the 2.5km Family Run, 5km Fun Run, 10km Competitive Run, or joining in the fun at the carnival! See you on 13 August, at Gardens by the Bay!



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