Some of us may remember the times we used to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festivals at Chinese Garden with the enchanting light displays on the lake. In fact, the iconic Pagoda Twins is also situated in Chinese Garden and has been a favourite among photographers who visit Jurong Lake. Just across the Bai Hong Qiao (White Rainbow Bridge), you can also connect to the Japanese Garden which is known for its calming and peaceful surroundings.

With its beautiful natural sceneries and unique architectures, it is not rare to spot people running or taking a stroll around the perimeter of the Jurong Lake Park. Tai chi groups can also be spotted early in the morning, and kids at the six different play zones at the children’s playground. Overlooking the tranquil waters with occasional dragon boaters and kayakers, Jurong Lake Park is undoubtedly a favourite haunt for the nearby residents.

The Future of Jurong Lake

Coming the next few years and set to be completed by 2020, Jurong Lake will be seeing some major changes. To be known as Jurong Lake Gardens, the park intends to integrate with the whole of Jurong Lake District, incorporating ideas for green roofs and landscape terraces. The development of Jurong Lake Gardens will also complement Jurong Gateway, the commercial hub of the Jurong Lake District.

Families can look forward to more water play areas. | Artist’s Impression: NParks

In essence, this means that Jurong Lake Park will become a park that connects the whole of Jurong District, serving as a recreational hub for people who live and work in the area.


While new developments often bring in concerns of disturbance to the natural landscape, the Jurong Lake Park will be developed to retain the tranquillity of the area, and improve the ways visitors can enjoy nature, greenery and lakeside views.

Visitors can stroll along a boardwalk that brings them close to nature and observe birds feeding at the water’s edge. | Artist’s Impression: NParks

Besides planting more trees, there will be a greater variety of trees including the types of flowers, and more spaces for recreational activities. Water sports lovers can also expect new community lifestyle and water sports facility. We can expect the new Jurong Lake Gardens to be a beautiful and exciting park for everyone.

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