Between the cheapest and the most useful, it’s always a constant struggle. Singaporeans love to find something that is the most value for money. But what is the most value? This is good but can it be cheaper? Or you think, what does everyone else say about this brand?

We suffer through reviews, endless walking in and out of shops, and the heartache of having settled for something less than perfect. Thankfully for us, there are local versions of businesses that set out to make our lives better.

2. For Food: HungryGoWhere

Who here has actually tried fried chicken waffles? If you haven’t, you can try this Pennsylvania Dutch tradition in Singapore at 12 different locations. There are even local variants. (hint: salty egg yolk is involved). It’s good news for us that we’ve so much flavors to enjoy, but it makes every meal decision kind of painful. That’s where HungryGoWhere comes in, with their food guides, food deals and specially curated selection of “must try dishes in Singapore.”

Photo Credit: HungryGoWhere


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