1. The #ootd

Runners: Always sporting some sort of running attire, all ready to squeeze in a jog/run whenever. Why waste that extra few minutes changing into the outfit?! Even if we’re going for an event first, we’re going to masquerade the sports wear into some form of “formal wear.” Definitely not scrimping on run training today!

Non-runners: Mixing those unique prints and well-constructed silhouettes is honestly an artform.

2. The wardrobe

Photo Credit: Complex Closet

Photo Credit: Complex Closet

Runners: Lots of compression gear, lots of high support sports bras. How are two sets of outfits enough? It isn’t going to be logistically possible to wash, hang and dry my running gear if I’m going to run again tonight. And don’t get me started on the shoes – we’ve flat training shoes and another cushioned one for marathon running. One pair is just not feasible.


Non-runners: Most beautiful plethora of cuts from plaid to tweed to knit. And for the ladies, they’ve heels. Because they can strut around in them quite impressively.

3. The breakfast date

Runners: Choosing something off the menu is the hardest decision to make ever. It has to be filling; it has to sit well in the stomach; it can’t be too greasy. Nothing seems to fit your nutritional requirements. (Here’s a tip on how to better keep tabs on your diet). Hell, we’re probably already re-organising our entire day so that you can be well-fueled by a proper meal before and after.

Non-runners: Anything else.

4. The “WOD” (workout of the day)

Runners: Just did a 15-km. What arms? (which is a big mistake because runners need to cross-train as well)

Non-runners: Benched a new PR. There’s also HIIT, CrossFit, MMA and a whole other world in fitness that runners miss out on.

5. The social plan

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Runners: No drinking, no late night partying. Let’s just go for a nice dinner at the hawker centre down the street. Or how about lunch tomorrow instead? And you think about how you could get a run in this lovely evening. Even though it might actually be drizzling already.

Non-runners: “YAY! ZOUK LADIES NIGHT!!”

Runners seem fairly crazy because we’re willing to run uphill, when it’s raining and even on supposedly down days (bad idea, my friend, you need to rest too). But what non-runners don’t get is that we run for, which can be different for everyone but meaningful for each one of us.


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