During Chinese New Year Eve, almost everyone in my family put a sky lantern for good blessings. I was thinking of what to write for quite a while and I guess that this just shows that I wanted to continue run happy, never get tired of running and have tireless runs more than to find a Husband.

A few days ago someone just tells me that women my age should be dating or clubbing than running, but why not? I think just let nature take its course and I am happy with running and enjoys running and I rather hang out in the park. I think I would also rather meet someone in the park than in a club. Somehow I have a logic that people who do enjoys running or do sports, loves nature and animals would not be bad people unless they have a fetish for that then it would be gross.

I hope I will never get tired of running so I always keep myself motivated, keeping myself comfortable and enjoying my runs.



I eat what I like to motivate myself to run, and tell myself I need to burn off what I eat by running. What’s life when you control yourself this cannot eat that cannot eat? I like to have stress free running, so I don’t stress myself with speed or distance anymore but I do want to make improvements with my speed but I don’t want to push myself too hard as I scared the like for running may just die off and I will stop running. I do worry a lot that I have no longer any motivation to participate in a full marathon again. 42km is no joke.

Although I have been running almost everyday, I like the feeling when I just happy happy put on my running shoes and head out to run. Will try to run a different route every time so I can never get bored enjoy the scenery while I run. I like to run in the night more, it’s more cooling and I can enjoy the moon, the stars, the clouds and get impress by nature. Life’s simple bliss.

I realised that depends on where I run I’ll run with or without music. I listen to music so I don’t focus myself on the noise from the busy traffic or think too much about my breathing and my heartbeats. But sometimes running on small pavements really cannot run in peace when I blast the music, I will always turn and look back and check whether and bicycles or faster runners want to overtake. Most of the songs in my list are actually technos that are popular like 15 years ago or songs with very fast and good beats to give me the momentum. It’s nice to run in a quiet place, listening to the nature, the insects or listening to the leaves on the trees and just sit down whenever I find a nice spot and relax. If traveling is free and I don’t need any money to survive and I can stay safe, I will use the rest of my life running and exploring the world.


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