We had 156 races in Singapore in 2015, with at least 1 race occurring almost every week – that shows how running is a popular culture in Singapore. While some may say that the races in Singapore are growing saturated, it is still no doubt that the local running community is still growing and more people are joining these races. And whether people are joining races or returning to races, are dependent on how well a race is organised. These are the 3 biggest running event organisers in Singapore, do you know them?



Mostly known for: Sundown Marathon

Hivelocity is run by a group of  people who are passionate about inspiring athletic lifestyles and inspirational sporting experiences. From their years of experience organising sports events, they offer deep expertise in sports event planning, management and execution. They have a platform – 1XCESS – for online mass registration and payment, race timing and results hosting. On the other hand, they also have Black Dot, another subsidiary that takes care of event marketing and public relations, sponsorship management.

Pink Apple



Mostly known for: 2XU Compression Run

Pink Apple is passionate about bringing ideas together and conceptualizing them to outdo all expectations. They believe in amplifying the experience of the event to everyone else involved – be it as a partner or as a participant. Their experience in races varies among different concepts, including novelty races such as Hello Kitty Run, and the gruelling Asia’s largest trail running series The North Face 100.



Mostly known for: MetaSprints Series

MetaSport has its roots in triathlon, providing expert coaching to individuals and groups of all levels, from absolute beginners to high performance athletes competing at world championship events. It has since expanded to event management with the launch of the first Bintan Triathlon, which has since become one of Asia’s iconic triathlon events. In fact, MetaSport is now a leading sport management company in Asia with its head office in Singapore and operations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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