The Pursuit of Passion

Effectively, I have 25 days to get myself in shape and in condition for Powerman Malaysia 2016. The Powerman is an duathlon event consisting of a 10km run, 65km bike another 10km run for finishing off.

Termed Asia Duathlon Championships, it is a race for potential duathletes and triathletes in Singapore and Malaysia to gauge their fitness level.

Today, I am weighing at 81kg, I have untouched bike mileage and insufficient run mileage. Despite these, I am looking forward to the trip with a group of like-minded buddies and most importantly, a chance to challenge myself to get back to racing competitively.

As I embark on my pursuit of passion, I have realised these 3 things:


1. Change

My body has changed. My time to improve and duration of recovery are visibly longer than when I was in my twenties. As a competitive individual, this change is frustrating. But this has also made me appreciate the need to have consistency in my training so that I may maintain my desired level of fitness.

2. Balance

Family vs work vs self-interest
Twenties: Less responsibilities, more time, more training and racing commitment.
Thirties: More responsibilities, less time, less training and racing commitment.
As a father/entrepreneur/athlete, striking a balance is challenging when you have multiple commitments. The key is to find the momentum to get you going, and never lose that momentum.

3. Passion

If you drag yourself to complete a task, it is work. If you happily finish the task, it is passion. If you know what is your passion, never let that flame in you die out. Always pursue your passion and your life will be a fulfilling one.

At 35, change is inevitable. And as I pursuit my passion in competitive sports, embracing change is simply part of the process. Positive and negative consequences are a form of balance I constantly need to strive and be sensitive about.

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” – Richard Branson


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