For those who’ve run enough races in Singapore, you’d know that their routes would commonly take you from the F1 Pit building, around Marina Barrage and across Nicoll Highway. It’s almost too predictable. With the coming of 2016 and New Year resolutions, we’re pleased to be sharing with you a new race series up in the market!

The Performance Series 2016 brings you to 5 different iconic landmarks in Singapore. It is also the first race giving out a unique medal collectible: finish all the 5 runs at the oasis/island, around the lake, in the heartland, around the reservoir, at the farm and your medals will be piece together to form the sunny island of Singapore!

The Oasis/Island Run

photo-Coney Island

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city at an offshore island of Singapore. The first race of the series will take place at Coney Island Park / Punggol Waterway on 1st May 2016. The 10km race will take runners through the lush vegetation and rustic charms of the island, reflecting on Singapore from the past. Exploratory (non-competitive) runs of 5km and 2.5km are also available. For more information click here to visit the official page.


The Lake Run

photo-Jurong Lake

Run along the lake and admire the tranquility of the place. What better way to get closer to nature than be part of nature? Enjoy the fresh air from the surrounding greenery, and be awed by the majestic scenery of the lake. The exact venue for this race will be announced soon!

The Heartland Stairs Challenge


You might be able to run 10km, but stairs climbing can still feel like a whole new ball game. Perhaps we have become too reliant on lifts and escalators. Let the heartland stairs challenge bring you out of your comfort zone and climb to greater heights! Furthermore, you get to burn approximately 5 calories for each flight of stairs. The exact venue for this race will be announced soon!

The Reservoir Run

photo-Bedok Reservoir

Experience a refreshing sense of tranquility as you run along the reservoir waters, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the greenery and waters during the run. If you are lucky, you can also spot birds like kingfishers and herons around the banks of the reservoir. The exact venue for this race will be announced soon!

The Farm Run

photo-CCK Farm

The farms are hidden in the north-western part of Singapore, away from the city landscape of Singapore. Set in a rustic environment, you will have a pleasant run along the nature trail. The nature park also has a wetland habitat, which is home to Singapore’s freshwater flora and fauna. The exact venue for this race will be announced soon!

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