Last Saturday, yogis assembled at the Bliss Out, for the Fire & Nectar – Tantra Vinyasa yoga session with Sianna Sherman despite the heavy rain in the late afternoon. While the first yoga session with Lynn and Sumei from Space & Light Yoga was cancelled, yogis were all enthusiastic, snapping pictures of their yoga poses before the session starts. The yoga session was fun, dynamic and interactive, where participants had a great workout stretching and also dancing along to the music with friends, and even new friends made at the event.

The rain started pouring down again when it was time for the concert with homegrown singer and songwriter Inch Chua and Los Angeles-based New Zealanders The Naked And Famous, but this did not stop yogis and fans from enjoying the performance. The energy level was high throughout the event thanks to the lively vendors and volunteers at the event. It was an amazing night of fun yoga and great music! We hope all participants had fun too and see you again next year!



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