Back to this race for the second year running! 

Great race as usual. Too bad I wasn’t on form (trying not to blame the haze, but oh wells, that is still part of the reason) and thus the unofficial timing of 2 hours 20 minutes. Well, it is still an improvement from last year’s run.

Before the race

I was so worried that the race may not proceed on as usual due to the recent haze situation. Luckily for us, or with the power of all of the ladies, rain and wind came and blew the haze away. However, due to the haze too, I am unable to get in my long distance runs out and have to resort to treadmill running.


Also, I guess everybody knows that before the race, you are suppose to feed your body with enough food and with food that will not cause any stomach upset. But, my mom happens to cook curry chicken the night before the race and “forces” me to eat papaya too. I believe you can guess what this combination will do to your body. Now that I have learnt my lesson, I will NEVER do this again.

First 7km of the race

To be honest, I was trying to aim for a timing of below 2 hours for this race. Therefore, I started the race off by chasing after the 2 hours pacers and getting in front of them, which I manage to do. However, I got tired really quickly and the 2 hours pacers took over me at about 3km into the race. The route of this part of the race is slightly different from last year. This year’s route included running around OCBC Arena aka Sportshub which includes a few slopes at the tunnels.

Second 7km of the race

Because of the last 21.1km race in August (2XU Compression Run), I brought a Maxifuel gel with me so that I can fuel myself with sugars and salts to prevent muscle cramps and minimize fatigue. The gel works like a miracle! Okay, this may be too over the top but it really does wonders. The banana provided by the race at about 13km also helps to provide me with energy. However, at this point of time, the arch on my right feet start hurting (due to abrasion, I think).The run started to get very hard from then on.

Last 7km of the race

Haii, the 2 hours 15 minutes pacers passed me. I think this is where my mental strength came into action. My glutes, hamstring, quads, calfs, knees and arch of my feet were hurting like hell. At about 15km, I had to stop due to some pain in my knees and thanks to a lady who asked if I was alright and offered me salts. However, I ran on after a while of rest and slowly jog my way up the marina barrage and down to gardens by the bay. There were a few supporters there with placards and cheers which boost my energy quite a bit. However, the last 1 km of the race was a torture. My muscles were so stiff and painful! There is still another small slope after the Merlion Park. And at last, I finished the race strong!

Post-run reflections

Not my best run, that is for sure. Have not been clocking distance after the August 2XU Compression Run because of time but still no excuses. Furthermore, I did not do enough stretching the week before which caused my muscles to stiff up almost half of the race.

Congratulations to all ladies that participated in the runs! Especially kudos to those who ran with their tutus!! All of you are so cute!



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