Unique Starting Point: Bukit Timah Railway Station

Photo by Cheng Kiang Ng, Flickr
Photo by Cheng Kiang Ng, Flickr

This railway station used to be owned by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), the main railway operator in Malaysia. Over the recent years, it has been converted into a conserved recreational building and serves as a crossing loop in Singapore.
In 1903, the Bukit Timah Railway Station opened on the dismantled Tank Road mainline. The station was rebuilt on the current Singapore–Johor Bahru KTM Intercity mainline in 1932. Eventually, the Jurong Line was shut down and became a crossing loop station in the late 1940s before the station closed down entirely.

Singapore’s Corridor: Run, Reminisce, Revive and Reflect


This unique corridor is a green passageway stretching from Bukit Timah to Tanjong Pagar and connects many green spaces together along the way. The entire route distance is approximately 10km and boasts a variety of running surfaces including tarmac, grass, woodland trails. Challenging as it may sound, the adrenaline rush and exciting trail environment are what draws runners from all over Singapore and beyond to set foot on this green pathway.
Besides, the tranquil and scenic trail route has no traffic roads or junctions, which provides runners a safe, uninterrupted and peaceful run.

Unique Ending Point: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Photo by Malvina Tan, from sg.asia-city.com
Photo by Malvina Tan, from sg.asia-city.com

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was opened in 1932, a period in Singapore’s history where rail travel was regarded as a luxury and a hotel was built right above the railway station to offer tired travelers convenient and glamourous accommodation options.
As an icon of modern architecture with Neo-Classical and Art-Deco influences, the TPRS was announced in 2011 as a national monument in recognition of its architectural and social significance.


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