I write this with particular reference to the Race Against Cancer, though I’m sure some portions may resound with participants of other races on the 13th September 2015 as well.

Social media sites of the Race Against Cancer (RAC), Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and POSB PAssion Run for Kids were constantly scrutinised by eager participants over the fateful weekend. All these races were championing honourable causes – cancer, ex-offenders or character development in children.

Alas, it wasn’t to be as all three had their competitive runs cancelled. I personally had registered for RAC, having participated in the previous 3 editions and having witnessed various individuals tide through cancer.

A couple of my friends and I weren’t to be deterred, however, with the intent to run our own races. The event organisers had made a justified decision and cancelled RAC for the safety of participants, yet beyond the event laid the cause. I was determined to run my own Race Against Cancer, one that couldn’t be cancelled.


Due to the diurnal variation of the PSI, I was expecting it to be in the moderate range by the time morning arrived and was prepared to run my own race, possibly at Macritchie, while donning the Race Against Cancer Event Tee (of note, I rarely wear Tees to run due to the weather -but I was prepared to swap my usual singlet for this event’s tee in order to make the reason I was running known to others).

The option of running outdoors wasn’t to be as the 3-hr PSI was in the deeper into the unhealthy ranges, hovering around 150ish at about 7am. Unwilling to concede to the unfortunate circumstances, I proceeded to the treadmill indoors.


Before the Race.
Before the Race.
And so it begins.
And so it begins.
One hour in
A long time treading.
All in all, a long time treading.
And after.
And 20~km after.

I’m sure many of us participants were frustrated over the cancellation of the competitive runs – we’ve all been training, we’ve all made sacrifices. Yet may I remind everyone that we are supporting a cause greater and are not mere participants of merely a running event. I’ve accomplished what I set out to do for this cause this day. I challenge everyone who’s feeling frustrated and encourage everyone who has the lingering thought of unfinished business to find any means one can to rectify it.

Sure, the Race Against Cancer was Cancelled. Yet the cause and hope remains to one day, cancel cancer. We may or may not be able to cure all, yet I believe we can cancel the fear. Why? Because there is no fear in love, because perfect love drives out fear.

Race Against Cancer 2015


  1. Agree totally. I ran 15 km this morning despite the haze at a slower pace. I signed up for the RAC too. The race against cancer carries on regardless of whether the race is cancelled or postponed. I posted in their website,


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