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Make way for the the ultimate obstacle race in Singapore, the Commando Challenge 2015, which will be held on 17 October 2015 at Sentosa Island! Expect a 6km run along beaches and jungles of Sentosa, overcoming 14 military style obstacles such as fire, ice, electricity, crawls and climbs!

A fitness event to test your determination, endurance, overcoming your fears and bringing out the commando in you, here are 5 reasons why you should muster your courage and adventurous spirit to sign up for this obstacle race like no other!

#1 Brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship : Help each other and conquer as one!

Image credit: Commando Challenge
Image credit: Commando Challenge

All of us are born different, with various strengths and weaknesses which we might not display in our daily lives. The Commando Challenge brings out the physical toughness and mental endurance in us as we are made to conquer multiple elements of man-made and natural obstacles. It is also a race where you get to bond with your family, friends, colleagues and even fellow participants to achieve the common goal of reaching the finishing line, like how a true blue commando supports his team of comrades till the very end.

#2 Be prepared for a Serious kind of fun; Not just another themed run.

Image credit: Commando Challenge
Image credit: Commando Challenge

Yes, it is a military-themed race and yes, it will be fun. But no, it is definitely not a”fun-run” that you might be thinking about because you will be muddy, wet, exhausted and sweaty. No other race in Singapore incorporates multi-element obstacles in their race course – Beach, Jungle, Track. Fire, Ice, Electricity! Neither does any race in Singapore get you to run, crawl, leap, swim, slide and more! If you have an adventurous spirit, a bold heart and looking for opportunities to surpass your limits, the Commando Challenge is the challenge you have been waiting for!


#3 Be Hardcore: Finish with Honour and Glory!

Undeniably, the Commando Challenge is a race that puts a test to your all-rounded fitness, mental and physical strength because the obstacles are based on the physical selection tests that soldiers have to complete to win entry into elite military units. You must be prepared to go hard and push yourself to overcome your fears, physical and mental limits to complete the challenging obstacle course. While Special Forces standards are not expected, Special Forces attitude is definitely needed, which is to never, never give up.

#4 Ego Booster: Wear that race t-shirt and medal with pride!

Image credit: Commando Challenge
Image credit: Commando Challenge

Challenging and difficult it may sound, but impossible? Definitely not! With self-confidence, motivation from your team mates and other participants as well as the commando spirit of never giving up, every participant stands an equal opportunity of earning the finisher’s medal back home. Be proud of conquering the ultimate Commando Challenge which most people would turn away from!

#5 Hate to lose: Never, never give up.

Image credit: Commando Challenge
Image credit: Commando Challenge

Leaping from heights, crawling in mud or battling heat from fires are some scenarios you probably would not like to find yourself in perhaps due to some self-imposed mental barrier or dislike. However, with determination and a thirst for victory, you will surprise yourself as you abandon these pre-race jitters and anxiety, scoring a new personal best and even re-evaluating your appetite for risk and adventures!

Every year, the Commando Challenge gathers people from different backgrounds with a common mind-set and goal to take on the obstacle race. Participants experienced awesome sense of personal achievements, fostering new and stronger friendships, and unleashing their Commando spirit. This year, will it be your turn?

JustRunLah! is proud to be the Official Running Portal of Commando Challenge 2015.


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