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Besides being an essential item of any race, Race Bibs are also the most valuable items for any runner because it represents your identity, symbolises your determination and courage for having completed the race, and becomes a token of memory as you look back on your running journey.

Uses of Race Bibs

Expected number of participants for each race ranges from a few hundred to thousands and the best and only effective way is to give each runner a unique identity with the use of numbered and color-coded race bibs. Traditional race bibs were used for the ease of tracking runners and allocating respective timings recorded on the official timer. However, with advances in technology, modern race bibs contain timing chips that accurately record start and end timings of each runner, with electronic data that are easily transferable to online portals that allow public or private access to their running records.

In addition, race sponsors and organisers utilize race bibs as marketing tools for advertising purposes, creating brand awareness among  everyone who is involved in the race – participants, supporters and consumers.

Image source: Drummond
Image source: Drummond

Importance of Good Quality Race Bibs

For runners, any trivial thing during a race could possibly disrupt one’s concentration and result in disappointing performance. A poor quality race bib would crumple or tear during a race when made from non-durable and non-waterproof material. Besides the fact that it cannot be properly kept as a race momento, timing chips in race bibs might get destroyed and as a result, produce inaccurate or nullified timings of a run which runners have trained so hard for.


In addition to material used, the printing on race bibs are essential for identification purposes. High quality prints on race bibs would provide joy to both runners and race organisers as the colors and important details of the bib is maintained throughout and even after the race.

With that in mind, Drummond Printing Pte Ltd utilises professional digital variable data printing, which enable runners and companies to enjoy having race bibs with a mixture of fonts and colors, personalised full colored printing on water-proof and tear-resistant bib material.

So runners, keep that race bib collection going by participating in races and achieve your running goals!

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