Running at a whole new level

Introducing Sony’s Smart B-Trainer, an all-in-one personal training device that is currently making waves in the wearable technology market where runners are able to regulate, monitor and improve their progress and performance. The device also includes application that motivates runners using intelligent music payback based on heart rate monitoring, various training plans and real time voice coaching.

1. Music tempo that guides your speed

Music tempo analysis uses Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis technology to automatically select music for efficient training – When your heart rate is higher than targeted speed, a song with a slower song will be played to regulate your speed and vice versa when your heart rate is lower than your targeted speed. Also, the tempo can be changed according to your mood when running.

2. Smart B-Trainer for Running app and ASICS Training Plan

The Smart B-Trainer for Running app enables users to manage running logs on your smartphone with versatile selection of training plans to cater to your running goals; from marathon preparation to losing weight. 2 training plans (Basic and Premium) are available for users to customize their running goals and programme. In collaboration with ASICS, Smart B-Trainer users can also store and access their running logs created in MY ASICS Training Plan.

sony b trainer app


3. Hassle-free and freedom running

With neck-band style housing, waterproof and non-slip material, the Smart B-Trainer provides freedom and convenience for users running in all kinds of weather and training intensity.

sony b trainer run

4. Wide variety of sensors and running logs

This SSE-BTR1 headphone-integrated device is packed with 6 types of sensors: heart rate, acceleration, GPS, compass, gyro and barometer. In addition, it can record up to 11 types of running logs including heart rate, burned calories, time, distance, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation. These useful sports data analytics will hence enable to gather insights about their own sports performance.

sony b trainer wash

5. Storage and communication device

With a built-in memory of 16GB, the Smart B-Trainer can store up to 3,900 songs and doubles up as a Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication.


The Smart B-Trainer comes in 5 colors (yellow, white, blue, pink and black) at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorized dealers from 11 June 2015, at a retail price of $399.



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