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Singapore streets are filled with runners, yet, I feel like Pandan Reservoir has not received the attention it deserves. That’s why I’ve been wanting to write about it ever since I first ran it (many months ago), but only now I got the time to get around it. I hope you will enjoy this guide!

How to get there

At the time I was staying at the NUS campus. I used to run a lot along Commonwealth Avenue West which is one of the ways you can reach Pandan Reservoir. Commonwealth Avenue West has a wide sidewalk allowing for uninterrupted and comfortable running, so if you you want to visit Pandan Reservoir and you are coming from the east, I suggest you take this way.

Looking the map now, it seems that at some point Commonwealth Avenue West is renamed to Boon Lay Way, but that doesn’t matter that much. Just keep on running west. Approximately 2.5 km after passing Clementi you will need to make left into the canal walkway, just before you hit International Business Center. There are Park Connector signs and markings so it’s hard to miss. From the PCN entrance to Pandan Reservoir is about 1.5 km. Running down the canal is quite nice itself. There are a few trees offering shade and people biking or taking a stroll. There is lighting along the way for nighttime runs/walks. Further down along the PCN you will have to cross AYE, but fret not, since there is an overpass allowing you to do so without getting out of your way.

entry to pandan canal
Just before reaching International Business Center, take a left into the PCN shown right after this bridge.
pandan river singapore running
The PCN running along the canal, leading to Pandan Reservoir
pandan river aye singapore
Overpass AYE on the way to Pandan Reservoir


Soon enough you will find yourself at West Coast Road where the elevated path can be seen. Climb up the slope to access the jogging path and for a better view of the reservoir. There is not much to say from here on… Just Run Lah!

A few things to keep in mind

The reservoir has a circumference of 6 km and it is totally unshaded. I once made the mistake of running there at a very hot day around noon, and at some points the heat became almost unbearable. So plan your run carefully!

Hydration might become a problem since you are running completely on your own. I only saw one public water point / toilet along the way, at the corner of Penjuru Road and West Coast Road. There is also a canoeing club / gym (I think it’s the Singapore Rowing Association) at the other “corner” of the reservoir (you can’t really say “corner” for such a shape, but I feel it still makes sense somehow); the guys there were kind enough to offer me some cool water. I am marking these points for you at the map that follows.


Overall, I think that it’s a great place to run, and an excellent alternative for the runners who prefer more quiet and off-beat routes. Let me know your stories and favourite routes, and see you around!


  1. Yes I enjoy Pandan reservoir too. Nice and quiet and sometimes a cooler breeze off the water. Or maybe that’s just my imagination…

    Including 1 loop of the reservoir in my run is about a 23km run from where I live so is definitely in the ‘long run’ category. I can run mostly along PCNs to get there, so it’s great if you just want a steady paced run without too many hills. Nice around Pandan to have a softer surface to run on that’s not tarmac too.

    Agree on the lack of hydration options there – I normally take my Camelbak when I do this route.

  2. Shhhhhh, don’t give away the secret of Pandan Reservoir!

    Just kidding, although part of the appeal of this place is that it’s usually very quiet.
    Agree its best run early in the morning, when there is a bit of a breeze and the sun isn’t too hot.
    In the HDB opposite there’s a food centre which is open from very early where you can get a nice cold ice cold 100 plus after you complete the Reservoir Loop.
    It’s a 16km loop for me from my place along Pandan PCN, over that funny loopy bridge, round the reservoir and back again, so it’s a mid-long run and very enjoyable.

  3. actually if you are starting from where you say Andreas, better option is to head up Clementi Road and pick up the PCN at the junction of Clementi Road and Ulu Pandan Road as Ben says, that’s a clear 3-4km path with no traffic lights etc and a lot nicer than running along Boon Lay Way!

    • yes, good point! I only found about the Ulu Pandan Park Connector just a few days before I had to move.

      so much time wasted waiting on traffic lights 😀

  4. yes, good point! I only found about the Ulu Pandan Park Connector just a few days before I had to move.

    so much time wasted waiting on traffic lights 😀

  5. I grew up in Pandan Gardens. I have since been living overseas for more than 10 years. I still missed the run around Pandan reservoir. Every time I visit Singapore I still go for a daily run there. Many fond memories there and it’ is still a great place to run and enjoy the tranquility.

    • Recently due to the CoVid 19 I pick up running again. I used to run with my colleagues fr Minolta after work at the reservoir together with our Japanese Boss, Yamaguchi san. Along the way we could smell the sweet scents fr the Gardenia …big fishes, monitor lizards… birds along the track. Many memories.

  6. Fogging & Insects.

    I run around the reservoir weekly, and often at around dusk they are fogging.
    How harmful is it to run when they are fogging or just after they are done?

    Also, the apparent reason for fogging must be the non biting midget? At dusk they really are swarming the place. Always swallow a bunch on the round, some extra protein cant hurt?


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