The results are in!

After a whopping 3363 votes, we present you the winning “Thank You, Buddy” letters, as chosen by you, the running community. 

In first place comes entry #22, from Weitin Tan to Ah Siao with 1079 votes. Weitin and Ah Siao will receive one TomTom Runner Cardio Watch each.

Second prize, U RUN All Access Packages, goes to entry #10, a letter from Eleanor Chee to Daphne Ong after receiving 1050 votes.

Entry #18 from Gi Chih Whang to Vanez (288 votes) will be awarded with a pair of Skora Running Shoes each.


The forth prize, Karhu Running Shoes goes to entry #1, from Quek Ee Meng to Alice Tan Soon Hock with 219 votes.

We would like to thank everybody who took part in the contest as well as our sponsors for providing the wonderful prizes.

Best wishes from all of us here at JustRunLah! for a happy and prosperous new year!


The winning letters:

(You can read all the 25 finalists here.)

22. Weitin Tan to Ah Siao

“Dear Ah Siao,

I remember two years ago, I was chubbier and more unfit than usual that you gave me the nickname of my life: WHALE-TING. That was no doubt due to the fact that I ate too much and refused to exercise. Until the day that you made me buy a pair of proper running shoes and encouraged me to run with you and your rubber lover with a pace no faster than a lazy jog.

You’ve been such an inspiration with your runs for charity, and because you endured the pains of training to get to where you are right now, I always recall this unwavering spirit of yours when I tried finding excuses to start running.

Slowly but surely, I progressed from a 5km-once-a-week-jog to being able to complete 3 long slow marathons within a year and most importantly, increasing my awareness towards staying healthy while enjoying my runs with the company of lovely friends!

Thank you for being a strict trainer, patient (only sometimes) teacher, crazy, yet amazing companion throughout my running journey! May you stay crazy as ever and inspire runners in the community!

Millions of thankful wishes,



10. Eleanor Chee to Daphne Ong

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. -Helen Keller

When I don’t feel like running but I need to, she is there. When I’m exhausted and tempted to quit, she encourage me and push me on. When I’m slowing down, she will run by my side to pace me. Throughout my running journey, she is always there to remind me to hydrate, to nourish, to listen to my body, to do warm down exercises after a run and get adequate rest. Besides, she would advise me on my diet, fitness and footwear. She knows when to trade stories with me while running and she understand when to run alongside me in silence.

As we run, we hooked. Time passes by more quickly for the distance we ran and it’s a great way to know a person by running with them. We meet each other at our best and worst, talk about things we probably would not talk about if we had to look each other in the eye over a coffee session.

All these while, she has inspire me to take on challenges to improve my endurance and strength and that slight edge in speed forces me to push a little harder to achieve my personal best.

She trained with me when our marathon is near, Despite all the negativities within me, she taught me to stay positive and never to doubt my potential.

On race day, we would not be running together. But we are running on the same road.

That is what running buddies are for. The road is easier to endure when you are on it with a friend. You made every run enjoyable, Daphne!”


18. Gi Chih Whang to Vanez

Hi Sweetheart. Though you have already know the main reason I took part in running events, I still wish to use this chance to tell you that you are my soul motivator and running buddy. You have being participating in running events and I thought in order to get closer to you is to join you although I do not really love running. The presence of you is enough to motivate me in participating for more running events. I am very happy now that you are not just my running buddy, but also my best life partner. I truly appreciate your love for me and I promise to love you with all my heart.


1. Quek Ee Meng to Alice Tan Soon Hock

“Dear Alice,

You are my best lifetime friend and running buddy.

Although you do only short run (less than 10km but more than 4km), you still patiently wait for me (where i ran 15km or more).

Beside that you prepare healthy homemade bread as my snack and delicious meal to support my speedy recovery after long run.

No words or action can express my appreciation of your care and support of my running interest.

I have my recent two sub 4hr marathon timings to delicate to you, my dear Wife.”


The full results:



The prizes:




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