This post is going to serve two purposes:

Firstly, it’s me thinking about why I run and secondly it’s a school report for the SinaiStrider 2014 running performance. Now that the SCMS dust has settled and the Mount Sinai Striders have had their boozy ‘that was the year that was’ lunch review, I can close the racing year with a review and some introspection.

Why Do I Run ?

I am quite sure you’ve all pondered this whilst out on a long run somewhere, or sitting on the grass after a tough race, or whilst in the shower or some other pre/post run activity. There are lots of great books on the subject too….

Common reasons are (I think) Fitness, Lose Weight, Feel Good about Yourself, meet new people, improve health etc….


I am a fairly competitive person, I also work (and have always worked) in a team environment. Running is a deeply individual thing, even when you train with a club, run with friends, it’s all about you – no one can help you when you are running  (not directly anyway) and conversely, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to run. I like this a lot – add this to the simplicity of running (shorts, t shirt, trainers and a stretch of footpath) means I can run wherever and whenever I like. If I want to go out and do a quick lap of macritiche, I just go, if I want to do intervals up and down the Pandan PCR, boom – there I go.

So that’s number 1 for me – self reliance and simplicity.


I am also a pretty sociable guy, I like to chat, I like to chat while I run – so I like to run with my mates. I am not a huge fan of running in big groups, but I do like to do my long/steady runs with a mate or two (two or three runners max in a group for a long run is perfect, any more and it becomes two or more subgroups or isn’t enjoyable in my experience) I can just shoot the breeze with.

So that’s number 2 – hanging out with my mates


I’m a decent runner. I dont know why, but fortunately I have the right genetic makeup for distance running and I have the ability to train in a sufficiently structured way that I can improve my base. I honestly don’t know if I would or could do it if I wasnt good at it – even if I enjoyed it (which is probably a huge character flaw in me!), but fortunately I am ok at it, even if I dont run for 3-6 months I can knock out a 46-47 min 10k, although I’d pay the price the next day – and I can usually manage to make improvements when I focus and train hard.

So number 3 – doing something I am good at, trying to get better at it.


Obviously it’s a very personal thing – what about you? why do you run ( not why did you start, why do you run now?)

So, after the introspection, a quick report card for 2014.

2014 Racing Review

Overall Grade : B-  (Some positive signs, but could do better)

The numbers

I have run just under 2000km’s so far this year, pretty steadily through the year – averaging 150-180km per month.

(this is high mileage for me, low for many. I can’t run super high mileage or I get injured very easily)

I completed 15 races, plus One DNS (orange ribbon, hip injury) One DNF (stan chart marathon, hip injury) and 6 park runs.

I won $450 in prize money (first money I have ever won running in my life)

I set 1 PB (5k – 18:31 in November @ Park Run).

Seasons Best : 10k 40.10 at Tampines 10k and Half Marathon 1.34 at the Army Half.

Both these are a good way off PB’s so there is a lot of work to do.

The Good

My favorite races this year were the Newton 32, the Green Corridor and the Mizuno PAssion Run 16k.

I met some great folks (at F1 Runners and through Park Run).

I rediscovered some passion for running and racing.

The Bad

I started to get frustrated with the SG Race scene. In 2015 I am going to pick my events more carefully. I am also learning that I am better suited to 5 – 10k racing here, 21k and above and my inability to hydrate properly is preventing me from hitting good times still.

The Ugly

Ending the year with a DNF was the low point, for sure.

In Summary

A good year overall, I have a great base now, and I know what I need to work on to improve (endurance).

Thank You

Lastly, thanks to the people without whom my year wouldnt have been anything like as good.

Shug, Scouse Pete (the eleete athlete), The Claw –  my fellow Mount Sinai Striders and best running kakis, Lexus, Vanja, Alan, Chee, Prasant, ZhiYong and the F1 Gang, Ming Ham for the awesome photos, Ben, Stu, Carol and Troy, Dom & Anna and the rest of the park runners, Jason, Andreas, Peter and the JustRunLah family, Inge and my running work colleagues. In one way or another, you all helped me this year – see you again next year, for more races, grind and sweat.

Happy Trails & Happy New Year.


  1. Beautiful. Brings a tear to the eye.

    I started writing something of a ‘2014 review’ myself but I only got about as far as April and it was way too long. Then I realised either I am not concise (which is not normally a problem) or a lot has happened in my 2014 running life. I think it’s probably the latter.

    But to cut to the chase:

    The highs – (1) doing 1:26 in my first ever half marathon at 2XU. I suspect the course was a little short by a few 100 metres, but I’ll take it; (2) getting my 10k PB under 39 mins; and (3) Newton 18k – 3rd place in 1:13.

    The lows – (1) SCMS half – horrible pacing and I think bad nutrition choices the few days before, (2) dealing with a nagging heel injury, which after trying a few different physios, I eventually learned to manage, and (3) I can’t actually think of a 3rd…

    Plans for 2015 – (1) run more trail runs and trail races; (2) run a 1:26 or lower half to check 2XU was not a fluke; and (3) maybe try a marathon.

    Also great to make lots of new friends on the Singapore running scene, included you of course Mr SinaiStrider 🙂

    • Aha – thanks Ben.
      I am going to add one more ‘lesson learnt’ from 2014.
      I ordered Large T Shirts for every race, even though they were always too big – next year must order medium!

  2. Happy holidays sinai no worries on the dnf sometimes it’s just not worth it. I agree about the hit and miss runs this year. Im thinking about doing more abroad to avoid the hot jam packed over run routes haha.

    See you in the new year.


  3. Brilliant summary, John! I’ve been meaning to write a 2014 review for my personal journal, and just been putting it off…
    Congrats on the prize money and the PB! Sorry to hear about the injury – I think DNS and DNFs are just part and parcel of a long and experienced running career, so don’t be too hard on yourself about it.
    Maybe it’s time to look at racing in some other South-East Asian countries in 2015!

  4. And hopefully they’ll fit. My 6 yo daughter’ kid size ended up being longer than my husband’s and he’s 185cm. So they swapped. Go figure


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