6WHAT: The Green Corridor Run is a running race along Singapore’s most unique course – an uninterrupted stretch of greenery and woodlands stretching the entire length of Singapore. The 2015 race is being held in conjunction with Singapore’s World Water Day celebrations.

WHEN: Sunday, 8th March 2015.

WHERE: Singapore’s Green Corridor. Starting at the historic Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and finishing at the old Bukit Timah Rail Station.

WHO: Runners, walkers, nature lovers, those seeking a unique experience. In 2014, over 70 nationalities were represented.


WHY: To encourage Singaporeans to experience this incredible piece of land for themselves and focus attention on developing countries lacking access to safe drinking water.

The 2015 Green Corridor Run is set to be the most exciting edition of the event so far. Running on 8th March, the 10.5km course is an uninterrupted stretch of greenery and woodlands cutting directly through the centre of Singapore. It’s an area of great ecological and historical significance to Singapore, but not very well known by the general public. The trail, known as the ‘Green Corridor’, covers the entire length of Singapore from the old Tanjong Pagar rail station in the south to the border of Malaysia in the north. Even though the trail cuts directly through the centre of the island, it is still one of Singapore’s least known natural assets.

6b57056b-2e7d-44de-8a1b-0b29e2d992e5Leong Kwok Peng, Vice President of the Nature Society (Singapore), the official charity partner of the Green Corridor Run, says, “Imagine running half of Singapore south to north without having to cross any roads and enjoying the view of a different side of Singapore with its greenery. At times along the Green Corridor you actually don’t feel that you are in Singapore.”

In an exciting development, the 2015 race is being held in conjunction with Singapore’s World Water Day celebrations. World Water Day (WWD) started as a United Nations initiative to focus attention on the 768 million people who lack access to fresh drinking water and sanitation. WWD also advocates the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

With this theme in mind, a new category has been created to raise awareness. The Water Challenge is a new non-competitive category within the Green Corridor Run that encourages participants to experience first-hand what it is like for 44% of the world’s population who have to walk large distances to fetch clean water for their families daily use.

The challenge is to carry a bucket of water from the start to the finish line of the Green Corridor Run course (10.5km). For every litre poured into the ceremonial well at the finish area, the event organisers will donate $1 to charity; a non-profit organisation that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations through sustainable water projects. The Water Challenge will use raw water (or an equivalent) which will be recycled after it is carried.

Registration for the Water Challenge and standard race categories are expected to sell out quickly, so register now at www.greencorridorrun.com.sg




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