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Take one look at me and you will never guess that I am a runner.

I am short, and sometimes walk funny. This is due to a previous injury, my hips hurt when I stand too long or when I just completed an intense exercise (like running). Yet, I do actually take part in a few races every year – runs, biathlons and triathlons…or at least I make an attempt to participate 😛

But take a closer look at my feet and perhaps you can tell that I do run.


That is because I have blistered and super ugly feet. Since young, I developed bunions and they hurt with most shoes that I wear for any long periods of time. Despite changing many pairs of running shoes, many blisters still form, every single time (on both feet), when I do a long run. Still, being the stubborn mule, I just try to minimise pain by taping my bunions, wearing the right pair of socks and putting on the broadest pair of running shoes available for my short feet….and then I just suck it up and run! However, it can get very embarrassing when I can’t wear footwear, like at a yoga class, or when I go for a foot massage.

Ok, so back to the story of why I still continue to torture myself, my hips and my feet. I love all sports but running is the simplest and most convenient form of exercise. You don’t need to assemble a team, you don’t need any equipment; you just need a pair of running shoes. Then again, barefoot running is quite trendy, so maybe you don’t even need shoes to start!

Beautiful Sunrise at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July 2014
Beautiful Sunrise at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July 2014
Finishing line of the Tokyo Intl Marathon 2014
Finishing line of the Tokyo Intl Marathon 2014

I don’t have a runner’s bod or legs, but I run because I want to. I run because I can (for now…) and will continue to do so until my body gives way. It is also a form of discipline for me where I will set aside time at least once or twice a week to run. Most people run many times a week to clock the target distance when training for a marathon, but for me, the strategy has to be different as I suffer when I run too much. So, I do other forms of exercise like yoga and swimming so as not to overstrain my hips and blistered feet too much.

My first marathon (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon) was when I set a goal for my 30th birthday and after that I told myself that it was going to be my last. However, in February this year, I ran the Tokyo Marathon nine years later! And next March, I will be doing the Nagoya Women’s Marathon…. so never say never!

Despite the pain, if a race brings me to a different city with a new experience, you will find me there 🙂

PS: Do look out for my future posts on overseas runs.


  1. your record shows that you are not ‘unlikely’ at all 😉 well done – looking forward to reading more about of your trips / runs

  2. so many of us who could run take running for granted

    you have my respect for doing what you do !

    and i hope long may you continue to run ……….. 🙂

  3. Runners come in all shapes and sizes, and you probably look like a runner to people around you more than you realise!
    Run strong. =)


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