A Run with a Difference

Compared to many mass running events, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is a breath of fresh air.

That’s because instead of runners chugging it out for long distances and simply trying to get their own personal best timing, this event emphasises very much on teamwork and camaraderie between like-minded running enthusiasts.

This year, the race was held on 2 October.

Teams of 10 must take turns to run a 1.6km lap at Marina Bay

This year, teams comprising of 10 runners each, must take turns to complete a 1.6km (1 mile) course around the Promontory @ Marina Bay and the fastest team to complete the distance is announced as the winner.


So that means even though you may be the fastest runner in the pack, you may not win the race if your team members are not as fast as you.

Represented Team Virgin Active at the event

I took part in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay as part of Team Virgin Active. They had invited me to take part in this event and keen to try something new, I accepted the offer.

Altogether, there had been four teams from Virgin Active at the event. Ours had comprised of bloggers and the staff from Virgin Active’s PR agency, while the other three were made up of staff and members from Virgin Active itself.


Enjoyable race experience

I must say that I really enjoyed the race experience, from the time that we walked down from the Virgin Active office to the race village.

Right from the start, I was mixing with and taking fun group photos with my team members and simply soaking up the enjoyable atmosphere.

Flagging Off and Running

Then when it was time for us to flag off at 7pm that evening, we then took turns to head into the starting pen, with the rest of us cheering on the team member doing the running.

As I was the eighth runner, it was a fair bit of a wait for me, before I would start my lap. I could feel slightly nervous at how long I would take to complete the one-mile course and whether I would let my team down.

A Fun Run

But in the end, I had nothing to fear. Running through the course was pretty fun and before I knew it, I was about to complete my one-mile loop and hand my baton over to the next runner.

I knew that I had given it my all as I made my way to the finisher’s tent and watched the next runner in my team take off at full speed.

Celebrating After The Run

And then, once the last runner had come back to the starting/finishing point, we tucked into a well-earned dinner and some delicious drinks that were provided for us.

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