After Sundown fever

How was your race last Saturday? Anyone got a PB? I was hit with muscles ache and painful knees. Nevertheless, I’m recovering. It was so tiring after the run that I was in a daze by the time I reached home. Hope all of you have rested well enough.

My thoughts of the race

It was my very first Sundown full marathon.

During the race, after the race and reading the posts and comments from many friends in Facebook, this year’s event seemed not as good as last year. It was all about the lack of 100 plus, the water was not cold, the route was too cramped, and the long, long Benjamin Sheares Bridge. I admit that I only managed to grab 3 cups of 100 plus along the way. And I do wish that I can have really ice cold water to gulp down since the weather is so humid. I do have a hard time walking that bridge (oh yes, I was so drained that I walked more than I ran).

Many times, I wanted to give up, as my legs were really hurting so badly that I can’t run anymore. I thought of the medal, the finisher tee and photos of me crossing the finishing line. The time was in favour, hence I decided to walk to glory.


The crew along the way was supportive. Those at the hydration stations were encouraging everyone. It was really an experience for me. The moment I crossed the finishing line, I heaved a big sigh of relieve! I made it!! (But sad to say, I forgot to flash my megabyte smile for the photographers..)

The hard-earned medal and finisher tee, my pride, my sweat.. And now I can proudly say that I am a 42.195km finisher!

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  1. Well done on your first 42km! It sure was tough out there on saturday night, especially the Sheares Bridge climb.
    I think I was lucky with the 100plus, there was plenty at each station for me and it WAS ice cold (and that was great). Highlight for me was probably the post race shower. Really good to stand under the water there.

    • Thank u and same to u!! I was too slow, maybe all the 100 plus were long gone when I reached. 😀 and I was praying for ice cold water, but just make-do with the normal temp one. There was post race shower?? Ahhh…. I didn’t know. Went home straight after that.

  2. Congrats to ur 1st full marathon! It is also my 1st sundown marathon but my 2nd marathon overall. Did my 1st during Stanchart. My only complain is why no muscle rub? Or I think I was too slow as well. Felt exactly the same as u did and walked from 21km onwards but managed to jog to the finish plus smile coz my last marathon I looked so defeated! Lol! And yes! We have earned the bragging rights to wear the finisher tee with pride! 😀 next up is sundown jb!!

    • Oh yes, muscle rub. I don’t see any too. Heard that there were no energy gels too? Yes yes, we are now proud finishers. All the best to Sundown JB! Different route, different experience..

  3. Hi, actually this year is much better compares to last year.
    The hydra station are sufficient with water.
    Except for the bridge, which is of cos tough one, but you made it!
    Congrats to your maiden voyage and always run safe, enjoy the journey and finish the race ALIVE.

  4. so i take it then that you didn’t dash 50m to thru the Finish Line ? hahaha

    anyway, good job on completion and welcome to the FM club 🙂


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