The Green Corridor Run

Hello everyone. I’m very happy to be a new blogger on the site. For my first post I thought I’d do a little preview / build up for the Green Corridor Run 2014 coming up this Sunday.

10.6k from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station up the KTM to Bukit Timah Railway Station

Green Corridor RouteMap
Green Corridor RouteMap

I did this event last year and really enjoyed it – it was in January, with a 0700 flag off, this year in May with a 0900 flag off.

I guess the late start is due to complaints from residents in Everton Park area? Perhaps we could try having an event without an ‘MC’ and keep the earlier flag off – I know lots of people who’d be very happy not to hear ‘make some noise’ 10 or 20 times before they race πŸ™‚


Around 7k in to the 2013 Green Corridor
Around 7k in to the 2013 Green Corridor

Singapore is of course a small place and so meeting people you’ve seen before is pretty common, but still I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the lad from this 2013 GC Race pic (me on left in Red, lad on right in white) at a recent Macritchie Runners 25 5k time trial – he’s a good runner – did the MR25 5k in around 22mins so keep an eye out for him in the future πŸ™‚

Also last year I was talked into doing the Commando Challenge with some friends. It was a fun event, but I won’t be doing any more obstacle races – I’m an old school runner and all this climbing and jumping isn’t really my thing.

My latest competitive effort on the Green Corridor.
My latest competitive effort on the Green Corridor.

So this will be my third competitive run on the Green Corridor – I’m really looking forward to it – I’m finding the Marina Bay / Tanjong Rhu 10k/21k circuit a bit boring and I’m really happy to get back out on the trail.

Last weekend I ran the stretch from Rifle Range Road to Holland Road as part of a long run up to Bukit Timah Hill and the course was looking in great condition. After this I picked up the race pack – I must admit the vest is very bright, would have been nicer if it was a little less luminous, but I like the design and the absence of sponsor logos. Not sure about the references to New York and Paris, I guess they are trying to build a global brand.

My Top Tips for an enjoyable Green Corridor Run this weekend:Β 

1) Go steady. Expect to be slower than you are on the road. Take in the scenery. It’s 10.6k, so unless you do the exact same race again, the time is meaningless – so dont chase the PB.

2) Watch out for the cobbles. Β Under the AYE there are some very large stones which are quite uncomfortable to run on, particularly if you run in minimalist type shoes. So expect this, wear some more cushioned shoes and watch your footing under there.

3) Mind the Gap. Unless something changes, there will be a bit of a bottleneck just after the start where everyone has to run through a gate in the fence to access the Trail itself. Expect this, dont let it distract you – after this it’s clear trail all the way

4) Keep it clean. Try to put your empty plastic cup into the bins after the drink stations, we can’t throw them on the road here like we can at a regular road race.

I was going to add ‘Enjoy a McBreakfast at the finish’ but King Edward McDonalds has been demolished since last year, so no McMakan for us πŸ™

That’s about all for this post. I’ll be back again with a post race report – it’s a busy weekend, also got to collect my race pack for Sundown (21k)!


This is me – runner M6570 – give me a wave or a nod or say hello.






  1. hi and welcome πŸ™‚

    My only race experience at the green corridor was The Trailseeker run 2013, which I loved. I believe it’s a unique route and I hope to see more events taking place along it…

    The flag-off times are late indeed, but hopefully it will not a big issue since route is shaded, right?

    I’ll also be doing the race (9:20 wave though), so if you see another angmoh waving at you it will probably be me :p

    oh yeah, and amen to an event without MC heheheh

    • cheers. you’re right, most of the route is pretty shaded so it’s not the worst place to run at 0900, but def better at 0700. Makes a nice change not to set the Sunday alarm clock for 0530 though I guess. Good luck !


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