Light up the night!

As the first and largest running event in the west of Singapore, Jurong Lake Run aims to promote healthy living and bring together people from all walks of life. Organised in the middle of each year at Jurong Lake Park, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, Jurong Lake Run infuses the typically serene landscape with fun and excitement.

Jurong Lake Run is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven event. Our motto – “Running as One” – represents the importance of community spirit; the importance of working together and contributing to society. Every year, volunteers come together to make Jurong Lake Run possible and a portion of our proceeds is donated to our adopted beneficiaries.

This year, four (4) of our readers will have the opportunity to enter this outstanding running event for free! 

In order to successfully enter the contest, you must:


1) Be a registered user on Just Run Lah!. Click here to register if you are not.

2) Log in and post a comment to the present article using the form below telling us why you want to participate in this race.  

* Make sure you post the comment from your registered account, and that your email address is working; otherwise we will not be able to contact you.

The winners will be selected in random and notified by email within one week after the contest has ended.

Contest closes midnight on Tuesday, April 29th.

Good luck!



  1. Participated Jurong Lake Run few years ago. It was a great experience for me. But not participated this event for these few years due to clash with other commitment.
    This year, I would like to participate to this run especially knew it is evening running event. I always prefer evening running event rather than morning running event as I always have the sleep problem if need to wake up early.

    Hope the lucky start hit on me to get this free slot.

    Anyway, thanks to JustRunLah for having this kind of event.


  2. It has been many months ever since I ran… Due to my rather sedentary lifestyle, I hope to regain my running momentum by entering in this awesome JLR event! 🙂

  3. I have never ran along a lake before. Since this event will be held in the evening, the view around Jurong Lake should be spectacular.

    Afterall running should be fun right? 🙂

  4. Have never take part in any run in the West. Let Jurong Lake Run be the one and hope to be one of lucky one at the start line !!! Thanks 🙂

  5. This will be my first participation in Jurong Lake Run. I would like to convey my passion for running and contribute my part to Charities.

  6. A wonderful run at the west that explores both Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Last but not least, there is a fantastic carnival to look forward to after the run.

  7. I being Singaporean is sad to say that I have never visited Jurong Lake. I would like to run this race to take the chance to visit Jurong Lake.

  8. I have many sweet childhood memories of Jurong Lake. Used to go there often with my school friends to play and fish. Hope to be able run there to recall all the sweet memories.

  9. I would like to see Jurong Lake. I’ve been into many running events and each of them have their own selling point. So, I wanna see this one’s.

  10. I want a different experience; I can get a priceless tour of the Jurong Lake Park, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

  11. It can be a peaceful experience in the mind to look into the sky, seeing the moon, the stars, listening to your own heartbeat while running at night.

    This is the first time Jurong Lake run event was conducted at night, a awesome new experience to visit both chinese and Japanese garden.

    Thank you organisers for this wonderful new idea to let us race in the night and creating our own Westside running stories to share with others!

  12. It will be my many “first” experience. My first night race, my first run at jurong lake and my family will join me as our first race together if I win a slot. So thank you in advance haha.

  13. I would love to be part of the event as it seeks to engage one’s mind, body and soul while promoting the community spirit. If given the chance to participate in the run, I would treasure it as such an opportunity to recall nostalgic moments shared with family and friends by the lake, to reconnect with nature and to discover the simplicity and vibrancy of life might not present itself again amidst our hectic schedules. The run might also act as a weight loss catalyst for me to achieve my ideal weight and it would indeed be a lovely and healthy way to spend my evening, which might otherwise fall prey to a couch potato. As such, I really look forward to attending the event, regardless of whether I am chosen to be a participant.

  14. I havent experience this run and I really wish that I can join and be a oart of it. I want it for free coz I dont have enough $$ to pay for registration. I am fdw who loves running


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