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Date: April 10th, 2016
First flag-off: 9:10 am
City, Country: Hong Kong
Venue: 啟德郵輪碼頭 Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
Categories: Half Marathon, 10 km

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10 km
Individual: HKD 300
Team of 4: HKD 1,200

Half Marathon
Individual: HKD 350
Team of 4: HKD 1,400

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街跑x藝術 玩轉九龍東



跑步與藝術創作的背後,都是一種發掘及表現自我的過程。因此,跑十公里的、挑戰半馬的、決戰全馬的、來觀戰的、來打氣的、來嘉年華的、來演唱會的,讓我們一起動員全城,以最具藝術創意、最玩嘢的造型,沿途和跑手GIVE ME FIVE,一起炮製充滿創意及最具玩味的香港街跑盛事。


「AXA安盛香港街馬@九龍東2016」是為香港展能藝術會及RunOurCity Foundation的「街跑少年」計劃籌款。香港展能藝術會是以殘疾人士為服務對象的非牟利團體,以「藝術同參與‧傷健共展能」為宗旨,透過舉辦藝術欣賞和創作活動,推廣社會共融。「街跑少年」計劃是為青少年免費提供8星期專業而有系統的街跑培訓,以幫助他們參與10公里長跑比賽,並藉此培養他們對長跑運動的興趣,以及永不放棄的馬拉松精神,從而提升其自信、毅力及健康,為青少年的生命帶來轉變。

上屆「[email protected]」吸引了逾萬人參與,您還等嗎?!即刻報名!

[email protected]」 FREE TO RUN 想就跑!

Run to Connect

A brand new mode of running that RUNS into the heart of the city and CONNECTS runners with the community. No running along river banks or in the countryside. STREETATHON runs along the streets, accepting the daily challenges posed by bridges, steps, narrow alleys and roadworks while feeling the pulse of the city and the experiencing the uniqueness of different communities.

No need to get out in the middle of the night. Your family and friends and the entire neighbourhood are most welcome to come and cheer for you as you run. That’s why STREETATHON starts at 8:30am!

No need to leave the race as soon as you finish. Celebrate the joy of completing the race with your family and friends by coming to our HONG KONG STREETATHON Carnival, where you can enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning with your loved ones in our game booths, performances, concerts and tasty snacks.

Off to a hot start!

Push your strength and stamina to a higher level as you feel the heat at “AXA HONG KONG [email protected] east 2016” on Sunday, 10 April morning at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal! The 10 km race will be held along Kwun Tong Promenade, Kwun Tong industrial and commercial districts and Kowloon Bay residential area; the 21 km half marathon will go straight into Kwun Tong Bypass from Laguna City to Richland Gardens. Runners, are you ready?

Street running x Art = Fun-filled Kowloon East

Through STREETATHON, RunOurCity has created a brand new mode of running: Run to Connect, to run into the heart of the city and connect runners with the community. Placing its focus on young people, RunOurCity believes that long distance running can train up their determination and persistence, while art can ignite their creativity. By combining long-distance running and art, RunOurCity aims to nurture a generation of budding young people, well-equipping them to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Combining street run with art, “AXA HONG KONG [email protected] east 2016” will, as usual, fill Kowloon East with fun where runners and the general public, in particular young people, step into Kowloon East and see the community with new eyes.

Behind the running and the art is a process of selfdiscovery and self-expression: no matter if you are running the 10 km race, challenging yourself in the half marathon, coming to cheer, to join the carnival or to see the concert, don’t forget to put on your most creative and funny outfit and go for rounds of “Give Me Five” with runners in Hong Kong’s major street-running event!

STREETATHON x Fund Raising

AXA HONG KONG [email protected] east 2016 will be raising funds for “Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK)” and RunOurCity Foundation’s “Youth・ROC” program. ADAHK is a nongovernmental organisation that primarily serves disabled persons. With a vision of “Arts for Everyone”, it promotes social inclusion through art appreciation and creative activities. On the other hand, Youth・ROC offers a systematic, eight-week street-run training program that encourages young people to complete a 10 km race, nurturing their interest in long-distance running and the never-give-up spirit of marathon, boosting their self confidence, persistence and health, and bringing changes to their lives.

Last year’s “AXA HONG KONG [email protected] east” attracted over ten thousand participants. What are you waiting for? Enroll now!

AXA HONG KONG [email protected] east 2016 FREE TO RUN!

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