For some runners, medals and certificates simply just don’t cut it anymore. No, to truly express your love of running to the world, one must make a statement, preferably a permanent and indelible one. Enter: the tattoo. Body art is nothing new; in fact, it’s an ancient practice across many different tribes and cultures, and no matter what its design, a symbol holds strong significance, generally to mark a milestone in a person’s life. A special event, for instance, like a marathon. The following are some tattoos from the running community – some inspiring, some symbolic, some downright baffling, but they all have one theme in common: running.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular tattoo designs is the distance of a full marathon (here, they are presented in miles instead of kilometres).

Another popular design are wings on shoes, possibly to indicate that the person is fleet-footed?

Some people use tattoos as a source of inspiration:

With Forrest Gump being a particular favourite one to quote:



Some like to “humble brag” a distance:

Or a hardcore race:


Or a killer elevation profile they’ve tackled:


While others just want to share the landscape of their favourite running route with the world:


Some like to display their spirit animals:

And finally, some of us are just plain honest about runners’ love-hate relationship with running:



  1. All this tattoo arts are from overseas, namely US. it will be good to showcase some of out local tattoo artist works.
    Any local tattoo artist does all this?