Flat loop terrain, but you can mix up your training by incorporating the hilly surroundings over here 

The main loop around the lake gives you 2.3 kilometres and is on a flat undulating terrain. There are also paths that branch out in which you can incorporate to give you a hilly course training. The Stairs to Heaven is a long flight of stairs also located within the vicinity of Lake Gardens that will definitely give you a hardcore stairs training. This location is also the starting point for many running groups for their weekend LSD.

Photo Credit: GulfMalaysia

Route at a glance:

Suitable for: Short runs (Less than 5 km), Medium runs (5 - 15 km), Long runs (Over 15 km)
Surface: Tarmac, Pavement
Profile: Flat
Suitable for night runs? Yes
Drinks can be bought at the foodstall at the LG Carpark

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